ICEE : An International Conference on Engineering Education : 21-26 August 2011 : Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

ICEE-2011 PAPERS: Table of Contents

Serial Session PaperID Authors Title
3 TU.P.SC 11.3 Dursun Akaslan, Effie Lai-Chong Law and Sezai Taskin Analysing Issues for Applying E-Learning to the Subject of Electricity in Higher Education in Turkey
4 MO.P.SB 11.4 Nissim Sabag and Elena Trotskovsky Students’ Reflections on their Internship Design Project in Industry
5 Enhancing Engineering Education TU.A.SC 11.5 Josef Rojter Engineering Problem Based Learning In Engineering Curriculum: The Case of Material Technology
6 TU.P.SA 11.6 Josef Rojter Engineering Education for the Engineering Profession
7 TU.A.SA 11.7 Laszlo Szentirmai and Laszlo Radacs New Requirement for European Academia - Industry Link - Sustainability and Competitiveness Improvement
9 Student Engagement MO.P.SC 11.9 Azizan Zainal Abidin, Rosetta Ziegler and Raija Tuohi Learning Styles Amongst Engineering Students in Malaysia, South Africa and Finland
10 The Role of Engineering education in the Information Age TH.A.SB 11.10 Richard Bellaver Assessing Immersive Learning Projects
12 University-Industry Collaboration TH.A.SC 11.12 Felipe Serafim Albaladejo, Alexsander Tressino De Carvalho, Armando Antonio Maria Lagana and Carlos Alberto Morioka Development of a Mock Up for Engineering Education in Automotive Electronics
16 SPECIAL FOCUS SESSIONS: Unique Global Engineering Education Research Facilities and Issues TU.A.SA 11.16 Jack Selter Initiation and operation of an application based Research Centre
17 TU.A.SC 11.17 Sergey Dubikovsky and Jeffrey Kestin Introduction of Project Management Component into Aeronautical Engineering Technology Program Curriculum
18 TH.A.SB 11.18 Desmond Adair and Martin Jaeger Difficulties in Teaching and Learning the Java Programming Language
19 Delivering Sustainable Development TH.A.SA 11.19 James Uhoimoibhi and Margaret Ross STEM Education and Digital Inclusion: E-Learning and GreenIT Initiatives for Sustainable Development
20 TH.A.SC 11.20 Joan Condell, Pratheepan Yogarajah, Melanie Giles, Amanda Zacharpoulou and Laura O'Neill Engaging and Supporting Students in Mathematics Through Peer Learning - Pilots at Ulster
22 TU.P.SC 11.22 G.Luna-Sandoval, L.H.Hernández, G.Urriolagoitia-Calderón, G.Urriolagoitia-Sosa, E.Jiménez Clean technologies in engineering education as a research project of alternative energy: Hydrogen fuel cells used for public transportation in México City
25 MO.A.SC 11.25 Radim Farana, Marek Babiuch, Jana Jezikova and Martin Rajski Web Based Benchmarking Information System Developed as a Student Project
28 TH.A.SC 11.28 Olga Dolinina and Andrey Stephanov  Implementation of E-Qualifications Framework for ICT-Life Long Education in Russia
29 Study Modes and Methods FR.A.SA 11.29 Chun-Ming Huang, Wei-De Chien, Chih-Chyau Yang, Chi-Shi Chen, Yi-Jun Liu and Yan-Tse Chuang Building Up a Multi-Core Educational in Taiwan
30 Professional Practice TH.A.SC 11.30 Ivan Szendiuch, Edita Hejatkova and Michael Reznicek Electronics Hardware – Interdisciplinary Subject for the Engineering Study Programs
31 TH.A.SB 11.31 Hejatkova Edita, Boleslav Psota and Ivan Szendiuch  Innovation and Creativity in Electric Engineering Education - In the Past and Today
32 TU.A.SB 11.32 Michal Bursik, Ivan Szendiuch and Edita Hejatkova Progress in the Teaching of Eco-Design in Electric Engineering Education
33 TU.A.SC 11.33 Luciana R Barroso and Jim R Morgan Developing Students' Technical Engineering Review Skills: Peer Review of Engineering Content and Process
36 MO.A.SA 11.36 Ely Antonio Tadeu Dirani, Ana Lucia Manrique and Luiz Campos The Management of Teaching and Assessment: Analysis of a Biomedical Engineering Course Using PBL Methodology
38 MO.P.SC 11.38 Eduardo Montero, Maria Jesus Gonzalez-Fernandez, Fernando Aguilar and Fatima E M Alaoui Development of Integrated Learning Materials to Teach Energy Engineering Concepts for a Deep Approach to Learning
40 TU.P.SA 11.40 Robert Warrington and FA Kulacki Vision 2030: A Time for Engineering Leadership
41 FR.A.SA 11.41 Masahiro Inoue Outcome Design and Assessment for Interdisciplinary Education
43 MO.P.SA 11.43 Sonya Coleman, Rosaleen Hegarty, Bryan Gardiner and Heather Sayers  Encouraging Students into Computing and Engineering Related Degree Courses by Introducing Programming in Schools
44 TH.A.SA 11.44 Gregory Baker An Effort to Coordinate Conceptual Development in Math and Physics Education for Engineering Students
47 TH.A.SA 11.47 Jan Bujnak Environmental Impact of Steel and Concrete as Building Materials
48 TH.A.SA 11.48 Marian Stachowicz and Lise Busk Kofoed Sustainable Design and Renewable Energy in the Engineering Curriculum
49 TH.A.SA 11.49 Damasen I. Paul and James Uhomoibhi Solar Power Generation for ICT and Sustainable Development in Emerging Economies
50 TU.A.SC 11.50 Anne Nortcliffe and Andrew Middleton Employability Feedback For Engineering Students
51 MO.P.SB 11.51 Catherine Skokan  Embedding Energy/Engineering Topics into a Mathematics Classroom
54 TU.P.SB 11.54 Saeed Moaveni Conceptual Energy: A Holistic Approach to Introducing Energy to Freshmen
55 FR.A.SC 11.55 Dr Murat Sonmez  Physics and Chemistry Courses in Mechanical Engineering Curriculum
57 MO.P.SB 11.57 Juha Kontio and Raija Tuohi  Engaging Students in the Development and Quality Assurance of Degree Programs - A Case Study
58 TU.P.SC 11.58 Brian Mulligan and Stephen Reid Addressing Engineering Teaching Issues in Online Distance Learning
63 FR.A.SC 11.63 Marija Gradinscak  Learning Paradigm for Undergraduate-Virtual Design in Engineering Education
64 TH.A.SC 11.64 J.S. Cole Making Maths Meaningful - Efforts to Enhance the Learning Experiences of Engineering Students
71 TH.A.SC 11.71 Marisa De Giusti, Dulce Garcia, Ramiro Jordan and Wilfrido Moreno  Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC): New Challenges in Collaborative Work
72 MO.A.SA 11.72 Carolyn Plumb and Brock Lameres Comparing Student Learning in a Required Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Course: Traditional Face-to-Face vs Online
74 TU.P.SB 11.74 Myungsook Klassen Improving Technology Gender Gap in the United States: Can We Learn From Other Countries?
76 TH.A.SB 11.76 Ulrike Jaeger and Tomas Benz Leaving the Comfort Zone: A Change Process Towards Project-Based Learning in an International Master Course
83 MO.P.SB 11.83 Joseph Cocozza A Biomedical Engineering Course of Study at the Secondary School Level
85 TH.P.SA 11.85 D Scott, M J Mawdesley and Eric Scheepbouwer Simulation for Education in Construction and Construction Management
86 TU.P.SC 11.86 Jiang Wei, Wang Chenghua and Cao Rongmei Several Problems of Engineering Education Under the New Situation in China
87 MO.P.SC 11.87 Juha Leimu and Kristiina Meltovaara Enhancing Engineering Education Through Student Engagement: The Introduction of Partner Company R&D Project Work into the Syllabus
88 TU.P.SB 11.88 George Grodzicki  Levitation in Control
90 TU.P.SB 11.90 Kunihiko Mori, Hidetoshi Sakamoto, Yoshifumi Ohbuchi and Katsumi Tao Engineering Education Support System on QCD with FSE
92 FR.A.SA 11.92 Wesley McKnight Application of Ultra High Performance Manufacturing Strategies to CNC Milling Processes
93 MO.P.SA 11.93 Leila Vilela, Mauro Speranza, Nival Nunes and Reinaldo Campos From Methodology Hands-On to Problem-Based Learning: Experiences and Prospects of an Unconventional Introduction to Engineering
95 Enhancing Engineering Education TH.P.SA 11.95 Javier Rodriguez, Javier Navallas and Armando Malanda An Intuitive Approach to the Generation of Bioelectrical Potentials
98 Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers MO.P.SB 11.98 Gerhard Sprung and Lisa Zimmermann  Inspiring the Next Generation of Software Developers Through the Creative Games Approach
99 MO.A.SB 11.99 Kari Lindstom and Kristiina Meltovaara  Entrepreneurial Modules and Student Involvement: Introducing an Alternative Approach to Engineering Education
100 FR.A.SC 11.100 Duk-Gyoo Kim and Jae-Won Song Design of Creative Engineering Design for Freshmen
101 Evolving Engineering Curriculum TU.P.SB 11.101 Wei Pan and Joseph Allison Evaluating a Process Model of Integrating Critical Thinking into Project Based Learning in Sustainable Building
102 FR.A.SB 11.102 Wei Pan, Paul Murray and Debby Cotton Drivers, Barriers and Strategies for Implementing Research-Informed Teaching: A Case Study of the Environmental Building Discipline
103 Responding to Social, Environmental and Economic Change TU.A.SB 11.103 Karmela Aleksic- Maslac and Masa Magzan  ICT as a Tool for Building Social Capital in Higher Education
104 University-Industry Collaboration TU.P.SB 11.104 Janne Roslof, Jerker Bjorkqvist and Seppo Virtanen Facilitating Project-Based Learning and Regional University-Industry Cooperation Over Institutional Boundaries
105 Student Engagement MO.A.SA 11.105 David Bustard, Michaela Black, Therese Charles, Adrian Moore, Martin McKinney and Peter Moffett Promoting Student Engagement Through a Generic Game Support Tool 
106 MO.P.SC 11.106 Janne Roslof Aspects on Student Attrition and Persistence in Finnish ICT Engineering Education
108 MO.A.SC 11.108 Kadri Umbleja, Vello Kukk and Martin Jaanus Answer Evaluation in Competence Based Learning
111 MO.A.SA 11.111 Karine Bauer and Luciano Antonio Mendes WebLab of a DC Motor Speed Control Didactical Experiment
112 FR.A.SA 11.112 Mario Leindl, Eduard R Oberaigner and Walter Schreiner Teaching Compressible Fluid Dynamics with the Help of a Computer Algebra System
113 TU.A.SB 11.113 Tamas Molnar Temporary City – Cooperation between Universities of European Capitals of Culture 2010
114 TU.A.SB 11.114 Balint Bachmann Science Building in Pécs
117 MO.P.SB 11.117 Jennifer Czocher  Examining the Relationship Between Contextual Mathematics Instruction and Performance of Engineering Students
118 MO.A.SA 11.118 Jan Jansson, Timo Vaskikari and Veikko Valimaa The Modern Mechanical Technologies Study Unit at Turku University of Applied Sciences
119 TU.P.SB 11.119 Jon R Pedersen and Lise B Kofoed Challenges of Changing a PBL-Related Curriculum for 1st Year Students
121 MO.P.SB 11.121 Linda S Hirsch, Suzanne Berliner-Heyman, John Carpinelli and Howard Kimmel  Middle School Students' Perceptions of Engineers Before and After a Summer Enrichment Program
127 MO.A.SC 11.127 Amparo Camacho and Jeny Theran Exploring Rubric Use in Program Outcome Assessment: An Example with Two Undergraduate Engineering Programs
128 TH.A.SC 11.128 Patrick Purcell, John Dunnion and Hilda Loughran  General Electives in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Social Science
129 FR.A.SA 11.129 Silveira Camargo, Walnório Graça Ferreira, Bruno Ceotto Sobrinho,  Augusto Badke Neto  Pedagogic Comparison Between Time and Frequency Domain Formulations Of  Dynamic Analysis Of Structures  
130 MO.A.SC 11.130 Vladis Kosse and Dennis Depellegrin Teaching Motor Racing Engineering Through Real-Life Projects: Benefits and Challenges
132 FR.A.SB 11.132 Vladis Kosse and Dennis Depellegrin  Teaching Tribology and Maintenance-Related Subjects: A Hands-On Focus
133 MO.P.SB 11.133 Cynthia Norrgan and E Dendy Sloan  Neuroscience and How the Brain Learns
135 Employability Skills for Engineers in the Global Market Place TU.A.SC 11.135 Gene Moriarty Focal, Local, and Global Dimensions of Engineering Practice
141 MO.A.SB 11.141 Joao Miranda and Ana Paula Teixeira Portuguese Mathematics Action Program: Are Engineering Education Needs Fulfilled?
142 FR.A.SC 11.142 Chen Xu, Jiang Guohua, Yang Lanfang and Kong Chuigian A Case Study: The Innovational Project for Undergraduate Students in NUAA
145 FR.A.SA 11.145 George Grodzicki Coming to Grips with Energy Systems
148 FR.A.SB 11.148 Paul Hermon, Charles McCartan and Geoffrey Cunningham  Implementing and Operating Changes in Engineering Education; Reflections on Eight Years of Engagement in the CDIO Initiative
150 MO.A.SB 11.150 Vic Ilic and George Grodzicki A Novel Undergraduate Learning Tool for Engineering Control and Applied Rheology
151 TH.P.SB 11.151 Artem Boyarchuk, Vyacheslav Kharchenko and Chirs Philips  National Network of Centres of Innovative Academia-Industry Handshaking: From Critical Computing to Safety Engineering
152 TU.A.SC 11.152 Aoife Ahern, Tom O'Connor, Martin McNamara and Gerry MacRuairc  Interpreting Critical Thinking for Engineering Education – The Views of Employers and Academics
153 TH.P.SC 11.153 Bland Tomkinson Global Societal Responsibility – More Than Just Sustainability
155 TH.P.SC 11.155 Bland Tomkinson and Ian Hutt Online PBL: A Route to Sustainability Education?
156 TH.P.SC 11.156 Bland Tomkinson and Jim Freeman Problems of Assessment
157 MO.A.SC 11.157 Teemu Rajala, Erkki Kaila, Mikko-Jussi Laakso and Tapio Salakoski  Important Features in Program Visualisation
158 TH.A.SB 11.158 Hung-Yin Tsai, Ji-Jung Kai, Jing-Tang Yang, Zhong-Yi Wu and Meng-Kao Yeh  Nanotechnology Education with Remote Control Scanning Electron Microscope in Taiwan
159 TU.P.SC 11.159 Ann Bettina Richelsen  Measuring student performance in an international MSc programme
160 MO.P.SB 11.160 Ibibia Dabipi, J Bryan Burrows-McElwain and Christopher Hartman  A Study of Students' Attributes in Application of Engineering Principles and Design Management for Freshman Engineering Students
161 TH.P.SB 11.161 Larissa Fradkin Teaching Algebra to Engineering Freshers in Three Weeks
162 TU.A.SB 11.162 David Dorran and Brian Bowe Use of Unsupervised Online Quizzes to Support Core Competency Development
163 MO.A.SA 11.163 Philip Tranter, Martin Vardley, Julie Hardy, Peter Sewell, Lorraine Dacre-Pool, David Bagley, Fang Xiaodong, Jenny Shi and John Calderbank A Joint Educational Framework for Incorporating Employability and Enterprise in the Engineering Curriculum: Ongoing Developments
165 MO.A.SA 11.165 Lars Reng and Lise Busk Kofoed  Enhance students' motivation to learn programming by using direct visual feed-back
166 TH.A.SB 11.166 Hans Schjaer-Jacobsen, Birte Moller Andersen, Jesper Molin and Per Lundsfryd Jensen  Innovating Engineering Study Programs for a Sustainable Society
167 TU.A.SB 11.167 Jiri Jan Medical Image Analysis as Taught to Interdisciplinary Students of Biomedical Technology and Bioinformatics - First Experience
168 MO.P.SC 11.168 Clara Oliveira Notes About COOL - Analysis at Highlights of Complex View in Education
169 E-Learning Technologies MO.P.SA 11.169 Lucy C. Morse Distance Education Today
170 TH.P.SA 11.170 Pia Lahti, Jaana Suvinitty, Katja Vahtikari, Kati Vilonen and Pirjo Pietikainen Intergartion in Curriculum Development
174 TH.A.SC 11.174 Jolene Phair, Cliodhna McCormac, Graham Dale, Kevin McHugh and James Davis  Exploiting the eSerialisation of Comic Pictograms to Enhance Undergraduate Health and Safety Lectures
176 TU.P.SC 11.176 Richard Browne and Stephen Lee Supporting and Enhancing Learning with a Virtual Learning Environment: Mathematics in the Level 3 Engineering Diploma and Beyond
179 TU.A.SB 11.179 Donald McEachron, Mustafa Sualp and Craig Bach  Digital Socrates: A System for Disseminating and Evaluating Best Practices in Education
180 MO.P.SC 11.180 Claudia Daems The ADOK Project - Automation Technology and German in an Online Course
184 TH.A.SC 11.184 Jiri Jan, Milos Malinsky, Roman Peter and Petr Ourednicek Detecting Bone Tissue Changes by Textural Analysis in 3D CT Image Data (Teaching of Doctoral Students via Research)
185 MO.A.SB 11.185 Philip Tranter, Geoff Hall, Martin Varley and Mahesh Patel  From Robotics to 'Tesco Technology': An Evolving Engineering Curriculum
186 Enhancing Engineering Education FR.A.SB 11.186 Marcelo Alves A Global Engineering Experience to Undergraduate Students
187 MO.A.SB 11.187 Philip Tranter, Geoff Hall, Lik Kwan Shark, Martin Varley and Stephen Mein Factories of the Future: Advanced Digital Manufacturing in Undergraduate Education
190 MO.A.SC 11.190 Noureddine Abbadeni, Abdullah Alghamdi, Mohamed Batouche and Ahmed Ghoneim Combining Multiple Methods and Metrics for the Assessment of ABET Students Outcomes - The Case of a Software Engineering Program
191 MO.P.SA 11.191 Noureddine Abbadeni and Abdullah Alghamdi A Practical Review of ABET Accreditation Criteria - The Case of Software Engineering Programs
192 FR.A.SB 11.192 Tim McLernon Learning for Doing: Student Engagement as a Necessity for Practice
193 MO.A.SC 11.193 Linda S Hirsch, Angelo J Perna, John Carpinelli and Howard Kimmel The Effect Undergraduate Research Programs Have on Engineering Students' Attitudes Toward Graduate Studies
195 FR.A.SC 11.195 Enno 'Ed' Koehn and Siddiqi Mohd Faiz Comparison of US and International BS Degrees
198 MO.A.SC 11.198 Katarzyna Moscinska, Jerzy Rutkowski and Piotr Jantos How to Encourage "Digital Natives" to "Analog Courses"?
199 MO.A.SB 11.199 Javier Diaz, Claudia Banchoff, Viviana Harari, Ivana Harari and Viviana Ambrosi Generating Social and Environmental Awareness among Computer Science Students
204 MO.P.SB 11.204 Luis M Sanchez Ruiz, Jose-A Morano and M-Dolores Rosello Active Learning in Mathematics Lab Classes for Engineering Students
205 MO.P.SA 11.205 Enno 'Ed' Koehn and Mohd Faiz Siddiqi Assessment of Faculty by Civil/Construction and Other Students
206 TH.A.SB 11.206 Howard Kimmel, Ronald Rockland, Linda S Hirsch, John Carpinelli and Levelle Burr-Alexander Medibotics: An Engineering Program for Integration into Secondary School Science Curriculum
208 MO.P.SA 11.208 Peter Bofah and Mohamed Chouikha The Versatile Mobile Studio
209 University-Industry Collaboration TU.A.SA 11.209 Andres Boza and Llanos Cuenca Strategy of Assessment in Case Study Methodology. A Particular Case in the School of Computer Engineering
212 TU.A.SC 11.212 Omar Escalona and Joachim Nagel Tendencies and Initiatives in the Regulation of Clinical Engineers in the European Region
213 MO.A.SB 11.213 Osvaldo Nakao, Hernani Brinatti and Jose Grimoni Acceptance of Innovative Technical of Teaching and Learning
215 Student Engagement MO.A.SC 11.215 Laura Newton and James Davis  Engineering Better COSHH Compliance in the Lab or the Workplace: A Generic Development Kit?
216 MO.P.SC 11.216 Barry Benedict Benefit of Graduate Course in Energy Policy for Understanding Global Issues
217 TU.P.SA 11.217 Cliodhna McCormac, Jolene Phair and James Davis Telling Tales: Enhancing the Perception of Engineering
219 MO.A.SA 11.219 Meriel Huggard and Ciaran McGoldrick  Engaging with Ubiquity: Students, Sensors and Security
220 Enhancing Engineering Education MO.P.SB 11.220 Joao Cunha and Antonio Araujo An Educational Framework for Learning Organisation and Performance of Cache Memory
221 TU.P.SC 11.221 Maria Luiza Velloso and Nival Almeida Engineering Education in Brazil by the Numbers
223 FR.A.SC 11.223 Shirley Dyke, Chencheng Wu, Le Yu and Christopher Beeler An Internet-Based Educational Platform for Earthquake Engineering
224 TU.A.SC 11.224 Clare Olsen and Sinead MacNamara The Value of a Collaborative Design Education for Structural Engineers and Architects
225 TH.P.SB 11.225 Sinead MacNamara and Samuel Clemence  The Value of Short Term Study Abroad in Civil Engineering Education
227 FR.A.SA 11.227 Michel Desmarais, Jean-Guy Blais, Carole Burney-Vincent, France Caron, Michel Gagnon, Ildiko Pelckzer and Jean-Marc Robert Assessing Engineering Freshman Mathematics Skills with Adaptive Testing
228 Assessment and Feedback MO.P.SA 11.228 Gary Menary and Trevor Robinson Novel Approaches for Teaching and Assessing CAD
229 MO.P.SC 11.229 Edward Anderson, James Surles and Haifeng Wu Analysis of Enrolment Data to Predict Undergraduate Engineering Recruitment
230 FR.A.SB 11.230 Meriel Huggard and Ciaran McGoldrick  Lessons Learnt from a Decade of Structured Support for Novice Programmers
233 TU.A.SC 11.233 David Ahlgren Mentoring in the First-Year Engineering Course: Reflections and Best Practices
234 TU.P.SB 11.234 Peter Jansson, Carlos Barreiro and Daniel Schmalzel  Educating Engineers in Sustainability Through Undergraduate Clinics
237 MO.P.SB 11.237 Joseph Sussman, Afreen Siddiqi and Regina Clewlow  Introducing Complex Sociotechnical Systems to First- and Second-Year Students
239 Changing higher Education Environment MO.A.SA 11.239 L.Kairisto-Mertanen and O. Mertanen Selling Skills - Desperately Needed Also in Engineering Education 
240 Engineering Diversity in the Developing World TU.P.SC 11.240 Jamie Goggins  Engineering in Communities – Learning by Doing
242 TU.P.SB 11.242 Ruth Davis and Christopher Kitts  Design Thinking, A Pathway to International Learning
243 MO.P.SC 11.243 Edward Archer, Alistair McIlhagger and Justin Quinn Education to Promote Concurrent Manufacturing in the Composite Industry
245 TH.A.SA 11.245 M. J. Elejalde-García and E. Macho-Stadler  Environmental Acoustics Course for a Sustainable Development
247 FR.A.SB 11.247 John Allen and Ruth Davis and a Little Child Shall Lead Them
248 TH.A.SB 11.248 Renee-Pascale Laberge and Pierre Baptiste The Teamwork in Cross-Disciplinarity: The Role of Engineering Education in the Information Age
249 Evolving Engineering Curriculum FR.A.SC 11.249 Pierre Baptiste and Renee-Pascale Laberge Study of the Mechanical Impact of Distributing the Core Curriculum of an Engineering Faculty in the Two First Years
250 TU.P.SC 11.250 Gangadhara B Prusty and Carol Russel  Engaging Students in Learning Threshold Concepts in Engineering Mechanics: Adaptive E-Learning Tutorials
254 TU.P.SB 11.254 Anna Friesel and Olga Timcenko Mathematical Modelling in Electronics and Medialogy - Sharing Experiences for Better Results
255 MO.P.SC 11.255 Guilherme Lassance, Paulo Fernando Rodrigues and Rafael Mano Teaching Structural Systems to Novice Architechture Students Through Modelling and Design Representation Techniques
257 TH.P.SB 11.257 Jean-Marc Robert and Walter Cybis The Usability of a Collaborative Electronic Environment for Remote Teaching
262 Assessment and Feedback MO.A.SC 11.262 B.G. Prusty and N.J. Kessissoglou Effective Learning Activities and Assessments in a First Year Engineering Mechanics Course
263 MO.P.SA 11.263 Nicole Kessissoglou A Fundamental Course on Acoustics and Noise at the University of New South Wales, Australia
264 Enhancing Engineering Education TH.A.SB 11.264 Chinmay Maiti and Ananda Maiti Extending Microelectronics Education: Online Process/Device Simulation Laboratory
268 TH.A.SC 11.268 E.S.I. Ossiannilsson Quality Assurance on E-learning- the EADTU, E-xcellence+ Benchmarking Initiative 
269 MO.P.SA 11.269 Qurban Memon, Shakeel Khoja and Adnan Harb  Integrating Specialisation-Specific Area Courses' Assessments for Overall Program Assessment
270 TU.A.SB 11.270 Jordi Segalas, Maria Eugenia Esbri and Patricia Benson European Project Semester: 30 ECTS of Multicultural and Multidisciplinary PBL in Sustainability for Bachelor Engineering Students
273 Internationalisation of the Curriculum TU.A.SB 11.273 Jose Camara, Ana Lara and Alfredo Jimenez A Comprehensive Approach to Tackle the Lack of English Language Skills of Engineering Students
276 E-Learning Technologies TU.P.SC 11.276 Zoltan Letray and Laszlo T Koczy  E-Learning Course Development for MSc Engineering Students at Szechenyi Istvan University
278 FR.A.SC 11.278 Shoba Krishnan and Ruth Davis  Engineering Projects for the Community
279 TH.A.SB 11.279 D'Arcy C Randall, Christy Moore and Isabel S Carvalho An International Collaboration to Promote Inquiry-Based Learning in Undergraduate Engineering Classrooms
280 MO.A.SA 11.280 Lucas Mizusaki, Dante Barone, Cristiano Dalben, Felipe Micco and Mauro Moreir  ROBOTEKA: Robotic Projects in Secondary School
281 TU.P.SC 11.281 Keurrie Goes, Camarao Arnaldo, Marcos Pereira and Gilmar Batalha  Empowering the Science and Technology Exchanges for the Engineer Formation in Brazil
282 Internationalisation of the Curriculum TH.A.SA 11.282 John Uhran  Preparing Engineering Students for a Future in the Global Economy
283 TU.A.SB 11.283 Jamie Goggins and Eamonn Cannon The New Engineering Building at NUI Galway as a 'Living Laboratory' for Teaching and Research
285 TU.P.SB 11.285 Keshav Varde Collaboration with Industries in Education and Research
286 Student Engagement MO.A.SB 11.286 E.P. Ferlin and V. Pilla Jr The Evaluation in the Teaching-Learning Process of a Computer Engineering Program
288 TU.P.SA 11.288 Monica Edwards Schachter, Maria J Garcia-Garcia and Luis F Mazadiego-Martinez  Developing Tools to Improve Generic Competences Assessment: The E-Competentis Project
289 TU.A.SC 11.289 R. Pavlas Tracking Control System of the Modeling Yard
292 TU.P.SA 11.292 Douglas Barlow, Thomas McLaughlin and Charles Wisniewski Undergraduate Educational Research Activities in Aeronautical Engineering at the United States Air Force Academy
294 FR.A.SC 11.294 Clifford Whitfield and Richard Freuler Overview of Highly Successful First-Year Engineering Cornerstone Design Projects
295 FR.A.SA 11.295 Adelson Carvalho, Dante Barone and Milton Zaro The Meaningful Learning in the Control Engineering Teaching
297 MO.P.SC 11.297 Ricardo Simon Carbajo, Ciaran McGoldrick and Meriel Huggard  Practical Programming: Android Development in the Laboratory
298 TH.P.SC 11.298 Fernando Batista Bruno, Tania Luisa Koltermann Da Silva, Fabio Goncalves Teixeira and Regio Pierre Da Silva A Web-Based Learning Design Tool
300 TH.P.SA 11.300 Ralph Budwig and Peter Goodwin The Center for Ecohydraulics Research Mountain StreamLab – a facility for collaborative research and education
301 MO.P.SA 11.301 Shakeel A. Khoja and Qurban A. Memon Developing a Low Cost E-learning Framework for Engineering Courses in Developing Countries
305 TU.A.SA 11.305 Jim Henry Unique Remote Experiments in Controls Engineering and Chemical Engineering: USA, Armenia, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Romania & Spain
306 MO.A.SB 11.306 Anne Kari Botnmark and Jorn Kragh Oslo Fjord Technology Education, On the Road to Becoming the Norwegian Leading Provider of Technological Knowledge Relevant to Industry
307 TU.A.SA 11.307 Frances Marshall, Todd Allen, Jeff Benson and Mary Catherine Thelen  The Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility Educational Initiatives
308 SPECIAL FOCUS SESSIONS: Unique Global Engineering Education Research Facilities and Issues TU.P.SA 11.308 Eoghan Clifford, Edmond O'Reilly and Michael Rodgers A Unique Full Scale Water Research Facility for Applied and Fundamental Research, Technology Development, Education and Public Outreach
309 TU.A.SA 11.309 Russell Cummings, Thomas McLaughlin and Douglas Barlow Supersonic Research Facilities and Opportunities at the United States Air Force Academy
312 MO.A.SB 11.312 Francois Sekyere, James Oppong, Willie Ofosu, Robert Addy and Prince Apreku College-Industry Cooperation in Using PLC to Support Development in a Developing Nation
313 FR.A.SA 11.313 Toshihiro Ioi, Masakazu Ono, Kota Ishii and Kazuhiko Kato Analysis of a Knowledge-Management-Based Process of Transferring Project Management Skills
315 TH.A.SA 11.315 David Redpath, Chris Tierney, Philip Dalzell, Thomas Kattakayam, Jonathon Palmer and Harjit Singh Development of a Validated Trnsys Model of Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Systems for Combined Heat and Power Production in Northern Maritime Climates
316 TH.A.SA 11.316 David A. G. Redpath, Jonathon Palmer, Philip D. Dalzell, Thomas A. Kattakayam, Christopher Tierney, Harjit Singh, David R. McIlveen-Wright, and Neil J. Hewitt  Experimental Investigation of a Novel Hybrid Heat-Pipe Concentrating Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Energy Conversion System Suited for Production of Heat and Power in a Northern Maritime Climate
351 Global Challenges for Engineering Education MO.P.SC 11.351 József Mecsi The Present and the Desired Future of Hungarian Engineering Education from the Perspective of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers”