International Conference on
Engineering Education 2002

Partnership, Policy, Practice

UMIST, Manchester, UK
18 - 22 August 2002


The ALT-C Environment

ICEE 2002 Programme
18th - 22nd August 2002



Full Paper List (by Conference Themes)


Education in Mathematical Methods in Engineering

Paper Title Author
Mathematical Analysis Tool-Kit for e-Engineering Mehta, Bhavin (USA)
Using Spreadsheets And Simulation To Enhance Teaching Probability And Statistics To Engineering Students Viali, Lorí (Brazil)
Improving Students` Understanding of Engineering Mathematics by Using Untraditional Assessment Methods Haugan, John (Norway)
A General Study of the Mathematical Impact in Technical Curricula Moreno, Joaquín (Spain)


New Technologies

Paper Title Author
Introduction to Micromachining and MEMS – A Hands-On Laboratory Course Judy, Jack (USA)
Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum Route to Development of Nonlinear Science in Graduate Studies Zadpoor, Amir Abbas (IRAN)
Stylus Probe Microscopy with Kalman Filtering and Multi-sensor Data Fusion Lin, Jium-Ming (Taiwan R. O. C.)
Delivery of Nanotechnology in a Heterogeneous Undergraduate Engineering Context Biggs, Mark (United Kingdom)


Educational Robotics

Paper Title Author
Explorations in Designing Mechanisms and Programming Spatial Movements Using Robix Rascal Verner, Igor (ISRAEL)
Integrated Workplace for Development of Robotic Systems Mostyn, Vladimir (Czech Republic)
Gender Differences in an Introductory Engineering Robotic Learning Experience Milto, Elissa (USA)
An International View of Robotics as an Educational Medium Ahlgren, David J. (USA)
Design and Prototyping A Wireless Autonomous Guided Vehicle in Undergraduate Mechanical Design Practice Tsai, Jhy-Cherng (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Studying Electrical and Computer Engineering Through the Construction of Robotic Teams and Systems. Bianchi, Reinaldo (Brasil)
Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with Robot on the Web in Real Time Yeung, Kin (China)


Innovations in Virtual and Remote Laboratories

Paper Title Author
Programmable Analog Integrated Circuit for use in Remotely Operated Laboratories Wulff, Carsten (NORWAY)
Frameworks for Distributed Measurement User Interface Saliah-Hassane, Hamadou (Canada)
Educational Experiments with an Online Microelectronics Characterization Laboratory del Alamo, Jesus A. (USA)
Distributed Team Learning in an Internet-assisted Laboratory Tuttas, Jörg (Hanover / Germany)
Virtual Laboratories for Engineering Education Budhu, Muniram (USA)
Remote Control of Industrial Robots via Internet. Procedures and Techniques of Tele-Learning in the Virtual Laboratory Amberg Biesenbach, Rolf (Germany)
A Remote Laboratory for an Automatic Control Electromechanical System Martínez, Alexander (Colombia)
Remote Laboratories Versus Virtual and Real Laboratories Machotka, Jan (Australia)
Introducing Flexibility in Traditional Engineering Education by Providing Dedicated Online Experimentation and Tutoring Resources Gillet, Denis (Switzerland)
The Remote Laboratory – A New Complement in Engineering Education Söderlund, Anna (Sweden)
How National Instruments can help Universities Reduce Development Time for Computer-based Laboratory Experiments. Robinson, Katherine (United Kingdom)
A Virtual Laboratory for Real-Time Monitoring of Civil Engineering Infrastructure Amaratunga, Kevin (USA)
Mechanical Structures Interactive Lab Cesnik, Carlos (USA)
A Process Engineering Virtual Teaching Environment Jones, Richard (UK)
A Virtual Laboratory to Perform Electronics Experiments by Internet O. Fernandez, Rodrigo (Brazil)
LAB-on-WEB – A Comprehensive Electronic Device Laboratory on a Chip Accessible via Internet Fjeldly, Tor A. (Norway)


Engineering Education in Developing Countries

Paper Title Author
Dedication to Country & Profession vs Survival : Contradictions in Developing Countries Chikuni, Edward (ZIMBABWE)
Importance of Occupational Health and Safety Issue in Engineering Education Mungen, Ugur (Turkey)
The University of Zimbabwe Mining Engineering Programme - Responding to the Requirements of National Development Wright, Alaphia (Zimbabwe)
“The Ongoing Effects of the Change in the Teaching Language and Engineering Curriculum on Students’ University Choice Criteria” Ozkale, Lerzan (TURKEY)
An International Collaboration in Education, Community Development and Energy Technologies Davis, Daniel (USA)
A Creative Approach for a Rapid Establishment of Successful Engineering Programs Kallas, Nabil (United Arab Emirates)
Challenges in Developing and Managing Design-for-X Course in Malaysia Abdullah, Abdul Shukor (Malaysia)
Sensors as Alternative Way for Teaching Microelectronics in Latin American Region Ramirez-Fernandez, Javier (Brazil)
International Accreditation of Engineering Degrees for Developing Countries Imbert, Clement (West Indies)
National Technical University as a Center of Educational and Scientifical Activities in Industrial Region Borisovich, Sergei (Ukraine)
Teaching Visualisation in Engineering Graphics Potter, Charles (South Africa)
The Challenges and Countermeasures of Vocational Education for Aviation Technology in Taiwan Lo, Cheng-Ying (Taiwan, ROC)
Engineering Education Standards in Developing Countries Arumala, Joseph (USA)
Engineering Education in Developing Countries: Adapting Curriculum to the Regional Needs Dabipi, Ibibia (USA)
Singularities of Engineering Education in Brazil Velloso, Maria Luiza F (Brazil)


Network-Based Control and Identification Education

Paper Title Author
Network-Based Control Education Through Virual Laboratory Umamaheswari, Bhaskaran (INDIA)
Network-Based Learning of Active Noise Control Ogonowski, Zbigniew (Poland)
Adaptive Multi-cluster Genetic Algorithm for Networked Identification and Control Laboratory Moscinski, Jerzy (POLAND)


Innovative Web-Based Teaching Strategies and Tools

Paper Title Author
A Web Enabled Tool for Green Engineering Education Lohani, Vinod (USA)
Improving Interactivity in e-learning with JADE - Java Agent Framework for Distance Learning Environments Silveira, Ricardo (Brasil)
Enhancing Good Teaching Practice in Control Education Through Hypermedia Instruction and Web Support Zywno, Malgorzata (Canada)
Modular, Scalable and Intercangeable Learning Objects, Concepts, Impact and Realisation. Haavisto, Christian (Germany)
Adaptable Web Teaching with KIWIS Gensel, Jerome (France)
A Pilot Programme into the Use of the Blackboard E-Learning Platform to Support Undergraduate Teaching in Engineering Laws, Elizabeth (UK)
Web Techniques in Teaching Process Majlesein, Hamid (USA)
The Essential Specification Features For Computerised Delivery of Taught Material Benest, Ian (United Kingdom)
A Tool for Automated Continuous Student Assessment in Numerical Methods Courses Hussain Awan, Tanveer (Norway)
Engineering Mathematics Education using Java Learning Environments Laurenson, David (SCOTLAND)
An Interactive Web Based Package Linking Structures with Construction Technology Ashford, Peter (Australia)
WEB-based Enabling of Education and Research in ISTEC Jordan, Ramiro (USA)
A Digital Library for Civil Engineering With An Emphasis on Learning Units Kemeny, John (USA)
Web-Based CAD Framework for Distributed Design and Training Petrenko, Anatoly (Ukraine)


Unique Design Experiences

Paper Title Author
A Facility to Facilitate Engineering Design & Entrepreneurship Sathianathan, Dhushy (USA)
First-Year Design as a Gateway for Innovation in Engineering Curriculum Sathianathan, Dhushy (USA)
Six-Year Experiences of a Senior Capstone Project Integrating Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing of the Miniature Stirling-Cycle Engines Cheng, Chin-Hsiang (R.O.C.)
Robotic Assistive Technology for Community-Residing Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities: An Inter-Institutional Initiative for Students in the Health and Technology Fields Matthews, Judith (USA)
Eight-Semester Multidisciplinary Engineering Design Experiences at Trinity University Uddin, Mahbub (USA)
Design Experience in Electrical Engineering Curriculum: An Integrated Approach Rahman, Habib (United States of America)
Art for Engineers: How Design and Visual Processing Enhance Problem Solving Skills in Engineering Patton, Angela (USA)
NSF Combined Research Curriculum Development on Multiphase Transport Phenomena: A CFD Design Adventure Petty, Charles (United States)
Unique Design Experiences "Create Your Own" Multidisciplinary Design Experience Ollis, David (USA)
Introducing Engineering Students to Chemical Product Design Farrell, Stephanie (USA)
A Three-Course Sequence in Design and Fabrication of Micro Total Analytical Systems Gangopadhyay, Shubhra (USA)
Product Design and Innovation: A New Curriculum Combining the Social Science, Design, and Engineering Gabriele, Gary (USA)
Industrial Internship Programme at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS –A Collaboration that Enhanced Students’ Skills in Anticipating the Ever-Changing Technology Hasbullah, Halabi (Malaysia)
Unique Design Experiences Integration of Inherent Safety and Capstone Design Howat, Colin (USA)
Developing a Web-Based Tool for Engineering Design and Its Application Wu, Jiunn-Chi (TAIWAN / R.O.C.)
High-flying Llinkage to Industry and Postgraduate Opportunities With Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Gale, Timothy (Australia)
Prototype Program for a Joint Academic/Industry-Sponsored Design Course Al-Dahhan, Muthanna (U.S.A.)
Process Engineering - Thirty Years of Design and Problem-Solving Classes Shallcross, David (Australia)
The Engage Program: First-Year Team Design to Complement an Integrated Curriculum Parsons, J. Roger (USA)
Designing a Lab-Scale Water Treatment Plant Jahan, Kauser (USA)
Transforming a Lecture-Oriented Course on Design of Automotive Systems into a Unique Design Experience Deb, Anindya (India)
Early Process Design Experiences For Engineering Students Jahan, Kauser (USA)


Technology And Society

Paper Title Author
A Study on the Introduction of Knowledge Management to Engineering Educational Systems in Taiwan Cheng, Tzai-Fu (Taiwan (R. O. C.))
The Social Dimension of Engineering Education in the Globalization Age Mazher, Abdel (USA)
Instructional & Technological Innovations to Attract and Retain Undergraduates to Engineer the Built Environment Garvin, Michael (USA)
Renewable Energy Post Graduate Programmes for East and Southern Africa Based on Distance Education and Internet Technologies Chikuni, Edward (ZIMBABWE)
Technical University in Society: A Factor of Sustainability Prisedsky, Vadim (Ukraine)
Art and Mechanics of Information: A New Pedagogical Paradigm Badillo, Patrick-Yves (FRANCE)
Engineering Education - A Future Management of the Future Sousedik, Borek (Czech Republic)


Assessment of Student Learning

Paper Title Author
Didactic Aspects of Assessment Technologies Systematization in Educational Systems of Engineering Institutions Vetrova, Yulia (RUSSIA)
Methods for Outcomes Assessment by Faculty Shaeiwitz, Joseph (USA)
Faculty Roles in Student Learning, Confidence, and Skill Development Sathianathan, Dhushy (USA)
Systematic Development of Modular Learning Outcomes Scallan, Peter (UK)
Course Evaluation Not Student Opinion: A New Approach Zaghloul, A. R. (USA)
Managing an Effective Hardware Based Large Class Assignment Edwards, David (Australia)
Coursework Assessment and Control Their Role in Better Results Chikuni, Edward (ZIMBABWE)
Increasing the Impact of Feedback from Assessments: The Mexican Hat Model White, Su (UK)
The Effect of Gender on Peer Performance Evaluations: An Investigation on Design Teams Kremer, Gul (USA)
A Study on the Creative Process in Computer Programming Liu, Ming-Chou (TAIWAN)
Assessment of Student Learning in `Short Cycle` Degrees: The Experience of Two European Institutions where Outcomes Based Assessment has been Implemented Dodridge, Melvyn (UK)
Modalities to Optimize the Engineering Education Through Problem-based Teaching and Learning Bartzer, Stefan (Romania)
Assessment of Student Perceptions of First-year Engineering Sorby, Sheryl (USA)
ABET Educational Atttributes: Assessing the Needs of Industry Koehn, Enno (United States)
A Web-based Portfolio as an Assessment Plan for Improving the Instructional Quality Chang, Pei-Fen (Taiwan, ROC)
Engineering a Testbank of Engineering Questions Davis, Hugh (UK)


International Education and Accreditation

Paper Title Author
The Opportunities and Challenges of International Accreditation for the Engineering Programmes of the University of the West Indies Sankat, Clement (Trinidad)
Harmonisation of Curricula for Power Electrical Engineering Muhlbacher, Jan (Czech Republic)
Conclusions from the Academic Exchange in Engineering at Undergraduate Level Benavent Montoliu, Claudio José (SPAIN)
International Education at Budapest University of Technology and Economics Moson, Peter (Hungary)
Accreditation and Quality Assessment in a Changing Profession Figueiredo, Antonio (Portugal)
Electroenergy Generation and Enviromental Problems in Teaching of Power Electrical Engineering Zdenka, Benesová (Czech Republic)
The Assessment of Complex Outcomes of Learning Whiteley, Tim (UK)


Education in the Computing Disciplines

Paper Title Author
A Learning Methodology to Improve Teaching and Learning Processes for Software Engineering Tools Fowler, Lynne (Western Australia)
Teaching and Learning Engineering Design Through Active Socio-technical Contexting Roque, Licinio (Portugal)
A TCP/UDP Visualization Tool: Visual TCP/UDP Animator (VTA) Mayo, Jean (USA)
Coping (or not) With the Increased Need for Interdisciplinary Synergies in the Computing Disciplines Hansen, Steve (Australia)


Impact of IT on Education and Research

Paper Title Author
The Application of Customer Relationship Management to Engineering Educational Systems Ho, I-Huei (Taiwan (R.O.C.))
Assessment of a Difficult Voyage in Pentagonie - Evaluation of a Pedagogical Intranet Project- Giraudin, Jean-Pierre (FRANCE)
Cognitive Tools and Information Technology in Curriculum Planning for Brazilian College Teaching Mendes, Elise (Brazil)
EduPlan -- Web-based Personal Workshop of Instructional Planning for Teachers Professional Development Liu, Tzu-Chien (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Effect of Guided External Search on Product Design Performance: A Pilot Study Kremer, Gul (USA)
The Impact an Interdisciplinary Project Collaboration in Two Educational Centers, Portugal Elvas` and in Brazil Goiás`. Carrijo, Maria Emilia (BRASIL)
Development of a Web-based Learning Environment Based on the Concept of Goal Setting Theory Yang, Jie-Chi (Taiwan)
Comparing the Introduction of CAA into a Maths Course with Recommended and Suggested Frameworks Pollock, Maggie (Scotland)


Facing the global challenge

Paper Title Author
A Global Approach to Engineering Education at Euiti Valencia Sanchez Ruiz, Luis M. (Spain)
Tackling Engineering Retention: A Firsthand Experience Hammoudeh, Akram (UK)
Shared Expectations of Design Project Outcomes: Searching for Common Ground in Global Collaborations Okudan, Gul (USA)
What`s in a Name?(Stakeholder Perceptions of Engineering Programmes) Scallan, Peter (UK)
Perceptions of the Chemical Engineering Profession - Results of an International Survey Shallcross, David (Australia)
How to Start Engineering Ethics Education in Japan: From a Newcomer`s Point of View. Sugihara, Keita (Japan)
Assessment of Student Learning in Engineering Programs in Japan, Korea and the United States of America Noorani, Rafiqul (USA)
SWOT Analysis on International Student Mobility at VSB - Technical University of Ostrava Samolejova, Andrea (Czech Republic)
Preparing Students for Global Job Markets Through International Academic Linkages: A Case Study Anwar, Sohail (USA)
Engineering Curriculum Reforms to Meet Modern Challenges Kassim, Ashraf (Singapore )
Engineering: A Creative Profession? King, Robin (Australia)
Technology, Society and Environment - A New Course? Ilic, Vojislav (Australia)
Diversity, Transition and Global Engineering Education Through Combined Degrees. Wood, David George (Australia)
A New Experience in Valencia (Spain): Teaching Electronics in English Segui, Salvador (SAPIN)
Post-graduate Engineering Education in a Globalised Environment - The Eindhoven & Singapore Joint Degrees Chan, Daniel (Singapore)
Can Systemic Change Really Help Engineering Students from Under-Represented Groups? Morgan, Jim (USA)
Introducing Underrepresented Minority High School Students to an Aeronautical Technology Program at Purdue University Sterkenburg, Ronald (USA)
Working Group: "The Introduction of Sustainable Development into Scientific Education" Objectives – Operational structure – Projects Poimboeuf, Hélène (France )
Entrance Grade Inflation and its Effect on First Year Engineering Teaching Bradbeer, Robin (Hong Kong)
Blueprint Network75 - The Way Forward (Changing Perceptions of Engineering and Broadening Access). Steverson, Emma-Jayne (Wales)


Changing structures for delivery

Paper Title Author
Simulation in a Web-Based, Asynchronous Learning Environment Ragsdell, Kenneth (USA)
Education and Training in Engineering Software & Applications Nagrial, Mahmood (AUSTRALIA)
Breaking Traditional Barriers in Teaching Engineering Students Al-Shamma`a, Ahmed (UK)
Computational Fluid Dynamics: Development and Delivery of a Final Year M.Eng. Module Cotton, Mark (U.K.)
Key Elements to Enhance Learning in an Introductory and Interdisciplinary Course in RS Buxeda, Rosa (USA)
Identifying Usability Problems in a Novice Virtual Environment Design Sulaiman, Suziah (Malaysia)
Deep Learning in Engineering Analysis - A Reflective Practitioner Approach Donohoe, Stephen (United Kingdom)
Using an Interactive Computational Platform to Teach Unit Processes in Chemical Engineering: A Case Study Rasteiro, Maria Graça (Portugal)
A Combined Synchronous/Asynchronous System for Distributed Engineering Education Jackson, Joel (USA)
Development of a Cross Discipline, Experiential Based, Flexible Delivery Unit. Bullen, Frank (Australia)
Multi-Disciplinary Approach for Collaborative Research and Teaching Muthukumar, Venkatesan (USA)
Learning and Education: Beyond the Age of Delivery Figueiredo, Antonio (Portugal)
Student Engineers: Lecturing, Teaching and Assessing Nortcliffe, Anne (UK)
The Personal Lifting Vehicle: A Joint Project of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Technology at Purdue University Sterkenburg, Ronald (USA)
Lessons Learnt in Computer Based Teaching of MRP (materials requirements planning) Legg, Laurence (England)
Education Driven by Problems. One Case Example Involving Environmental Management Scavarda-do-Carmo, Luiz Carlos (Brazil)
Using Case Studies for Knowledge Creation in the Classroom Cunha, Paulo Rupino (Portugal)
Introducing of 3-5-8 Study System in Czech Technical University of Prague Havlicek, Vaclav (Czech Republic)
Promoting an Active Learning Environment Within a Congested Curriculum Leung, C F (Singapore)
An Innovative Environmental Engineering Program Brito, Melany (Brazil)
“The Relentless Push to Reduce Face to Face Contact”:- Modifying the Traditional Teaching Delivery Scenario.” Hansen, Steve (Australia)
The Evolution of Mechanical Engineering Curricula: Mechatronics Jones, Richard (UK)
From An Engineer Group to A Nurse Corporation – A Comparative Analysis for Online Course Conducting for Small vs. Large Class Wu, Hong (Norway)
The Models of Engineering Education. Zielinski, Wojciech (Poland)
Experiences with Peer-review Evaluation in Computer Science Courses Sandnes, Frode Eika (Norway)
Restructuring Higher Education and Academic Research in Taiwan, R.O.C. Hsu, Huei-wen (R.O.C.)


New methods and techniques

Paper Title Author
Design and Implementation of a Hovercraft Problem Based Learning Exercise to Teach First Year Fluids Crowther, Bill (uk)
Written Group Assignments – Experiences with Collaborative Web Spaces Jian, Francine H-L (Taiwan)
Psychopedagogy for Engineers Viegas Ribas, Paulo Antônio (Brasil)
Freshmen Design Course for Large-sized Class in KNU Kim, Duk-Gyoo (Korea)
Innovative Technologies of Building Technical University Students’ Preparedness for Design and Development Activities Dvoretsky, Stanislav (Russia)
SADE a Statistical Evaluation System for Undergraduate Engineering Courses Santos da Silva, José Guilherme (Brazil)
Techniques for Embedding Circuit Simulations into Electronics Design Courseware Solaimalai, Saravanan (United Kingdom)
Interactive Web-Based Learning using Interactive Multimedia Simulations Budhu, Muniram (USA)
DINEST an Educational Software for Structural Dynamic Design and Behaviour Santos da Silva, José Guilherme (Brazil)
The Change of the Teachers Role in a Era of New Medi Muchin, Sergei (Sweden)
How To Utilize the Mindmaps To Facilitate Problem-finding Attitude of the Engineering Students In a Creative Mechanical Design Course Chen, Fe-ching (Taiwan, ROC)
Web-Shared Real-Time Shake Table Experiments for Applications in Earthquake Engineering Elgamal, Ahmed (US)
A Web-Based Interactive Teaching Package in Manufacturing Engineering Ong, Soh Khim (Singapore)
High/Low Tech Approach for Success in Statics Golub, Eugene (USA)
Recent Results of the Application of Quality Programs to Undergraduate Programs of Engineering Paladini, Edson (Brazil)
Design and Evaluation of Electronic Educational Markets from a Total Quality Management Perspective Ahmed, Hassan (UK)
Integration of Manufacturing and Commerce Curriculum--A Fundamental Teaching Platform in Taiwan Liu, James Yu-Shan (Taiwan)
Structure Vibrations: An On-Line Interactive Learning Environment. Macho-Stadler, Erika (Spain)
Using the Scaffolded Theory to Construct County Network-Based Learning Information Center Ming-Wen, Chang (TAIWAN)
Synergetic Approach to Evaluation of Quality and Efficiency of Modern Educational Technologies Zhukova, Lubov (Russian Federation)
Practicing Active and Cooperative Learning Using Live Simulation Games in the Classroom Malave, Cesar (USA)
Tool-Oriented Learning Modules and Laboratory for Teaching Digital Design Via The Internet Wuttke, Heinz-Dietrich (Germany)
SEEAD – A Model of Decisions Coices about Technologies in the Distance Education Based on Politic-pedagogic Projects. Comassetto, Liamara Scortegagna (Brasil)
Development of a Web-Based Peer-Tutoring System Using SmartBooks Kopec, Danny (United States)
Number’s Consequences – An Experiment and A Discussion in Standardization of Teaching Effectiveness Evaluations Based on Course Performance Statistics Wu, Hong (Norway)
Internet: New Educational Focus in the Mechanical Engineering Colomer, Vicente (SPAIN)
The Dynamic Simulation as Innovative Tool in the Teaching of the Mechanical Engineering Masia, Jaime (SPAIN)
Technology-Based Resources in Metal Forming Schuch-Miller, Diane (USA)
Implementation of a Method to Assess Student Progress/Performance in an Interactive, Internet-Based, Self-Learning Tool Daku, Brian (Canada)
Design of Assessment for Project Modules with Dissertation Khambadkone, Ashwin (Singapore)
Student Learning Issues: Factors to Consider prior to Designing Web-Based Learning for Military Academy Students Lin, Hsiu-Mei (Taiwan)
Remote Laboratory Methodology for Active Noise and Vibration Control via International Collaboration in LABLINK Moscinski, Jerzy (POLAND)
Infusing Service-Learning Activities into Computer Programming Course Eydgahi, Ali (USA)
Website for Management and Guidance of Engineering Design Projects Kendall, L. Alden (USA)
Technologies Applied on Engineering Education Stiubiener, Itana (Brazil)
Fast and Effective Remedies for the Delivery of Web-based Formative Assessment Materials. Foulkes, Alison (United Kingdom)
Online Learning Goes Synchronous : Project, Preparation, Setup, Roll-out and use of a Videoconference Environment in Higher Education Molinaro, Luis (Brazil)
Delivering Instruction at a Distance and Development of a e-learning Tool Using WEB: A Case Study in Higher Education Molinaro, Luis (Brazil)
Service Learning: Bridging Theory with Practice, Knowledge with Action, Campus with Community Abu-Zahra, Nidal (USA)
A LAPB Protocol Computer-aided Learning Tool Hercog, Drago (Slovenia)
Intensifying the Relationship Between e-learning Postgraduate Students Rihs, Sandra (Switzerland)
Learning Styles of Freshmen Engineering Students Kuri, Nídia (Brazil)
Instantaneous Feedback in an Interactive Classroom Motani, Mehul (Republic of Singapore)
Computer-Integrated Lecturing in Telecommunications Training Otung, Ifiok (United Kingdom)
Interactive Educational Materials and Technologies Millard, Don (USA)
A Computer Network Laboratory Experiments for a Computer Engineering Undergraduate Course Bressan, Graça (Brazil)


Partnership for progress

Paper Title Author
A Study on the Academy/Industry Strategic Alliance to Promote Aviation Technology in Taiwan Chen, Shou-Pei (Taiwan ROC)
Coalition of Vocational and Regular Aviation Maintenance Technician Education Lan, Ting Hsien (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Establishing Links between Industry & Professional Institute in the Areas of Mutual Benefits Pathak, Charudatta (INDIA)
Vietnamese Students Again at the Technical University of Ostrava Polak, Jaromir (Czech Republic)
Accreditation and Transfer-of-Credit Problems Encountered by Students Studying in Two or more Institutions and/or Countries Humphrey, Ben (USA)
Exchange in the Graduation in Engineering: First Results of an Experience Between Ufpb (Cct – Campina Grande) and Insa ( Lyon-France). Araujo Lima, Laerte (France)
A Specialist Modular Course for Professional Engineers in Industry Firth, Barry (UK)
RBE – Brazilian Engineering Network, Fostering Superior Education in the Country Brito, Claudio (Brazil)
Strategic Planning for Economic Development Based on High Technology: the Puerto Rico Experience Morell, Lueny (Puerto Rico)
Partnership for Creative Engineering Eduction (Bachelor) Norbech, Per Inge (Norway)
“The Information Literacy Odyssey,” Through Evolutionary Policies and Best Practices, Celebrates more than Ten Years of Partnership between Librarians and Engineering Educators Poirier, Jocelyne (Australia)
Information Technology Programs at Polish Universities Jerzy, Swiatek (Poland)
Industry/University Partnership in the Postgraduate Education of Electricity Supply Engineers Birtwhistle, David (Australia)
Manpower Development: Role of Industry - University Partnership Pattnaik, SB (India)
Enhancing Students’ Academic Experience Through Lifelong Learning Mechanisms Oloyede, Adekunle (Australia)
Integrating Passenger and Modulo as ICTTools in an International Collaboration Engineering Education Program Hunger, Axel (Germany)
International Collaboration between Universities and Industry in the Europe. Juchelkova, Dagmar (CZ)
The Project “Euro-Caspy” Regional Network of Universities as an Integration of Economic Knowledge into Engineering Education. Petrova, Irina (Russia)
An Curriculum in Machine Tools Technologies for Mechanical Engineering Graduates Tsai, Jhy-Cherng (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
An Update on a US-Slovak Collaboration Taylor, Kevin (USA)
The Center for Hemispherical Cooperation at the University of Puerto Rico…Strategies for Partnering in Latin America and the Caribbean Vélez-Arocho, Jorge Iván (N/A)
Value of Students Projects Gjengedal, Arne (Norway)
The EiR Program at Ohio Northern University: Paralleling the Workplace on the University Campus Farbrother, Barry (USA.)
The Development Mode of a Teacher-coordinator-oriented Cooperative Education Tsung-Hsing, Cheng (TAIWAN)
SARA Experiment Module Project: Using Skills to Enlarge Experiences. La Neve, Alessandro (Brazil)
Discussion on the Establishment of Partnership for Marine & Fishery Vocational Schools Mao-Cheng, Chiou (Taiwan)
Teacher’s Information Technology Evaluation and Certification Program Jerome , Wen (R.O.C.)



Paper Title Author
Knowledge Based Expert System for On-line Oral Examination. Kachave, Pramod (INDIA)
Supporting Awareness in Education: Overview and Mechanisms Prasolova-Forland, Ekaterina (Norway)
Development of Internet Infrastructure for Higher Education in Donetsk Region of the Ukraine Bashkov, Evgeniy (Ukraine)
On the Improvement of Course Interoperability in E-Learning Models Abdallah, Rima (LEBANON)
Web-based Undergraduate Academic Advising System Hsu, Sam (USA)
A Virtual Laboratory for Practical Exercises Amine, Berqia (Switzerland)
The Colors of An Online Learning Society – A Summary of Experiences from Multi-disciplined Online Teaching Practices Andersson, Gunnar (Norway)
Integrated ODL Environments with Laboratories Antonidakis, Emmanouel (Greece)
An Analog and Digital Communications Laboratory with Matlab Chojcan, Jan (Poland)
Teaching Pattern Recognition Concepts Using Web Based Techniques Kassim, Ashraf (Singapore)
E-Universities in Developing Countries: a Need and a Challenge Ferreira, Giselle (Brazil)
Innovation Camp Hauge, Bjørn Gitle (Norway)
"A Hybrid Distance Education Model for Pakistan." Sherazi, Saima (Pakistan)
An Investigation of the Quality of Engineering Education as Seen from Examples Jin, Zhou (China)
A Methodology for Evaluating Software Tools for e-learning System Development Bilalis, Nicholas (Greece)


Meeting the needs of industry

Paper Title Author
Study on the Organizational Learning in a High-tech Organization in Mainland China Law, Kris, M.Y. (Hong Kong)
The Main Problems and Their Improved Methodology of Existing Technical High Schools in Korea Choi, Jun-Seop (South Korea)
A Study on Effective Communication and Coordination to Increase Industrial Production Yang, Hsiao-Hui (Taiwan ROC)
Discussion on the Vocational Education Strategies to Cope with the High-Unemployment Rate in Taiwan Wu, Yuh-Sheng (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Information Technology Education for Private University Students: from Summer Practice to Courses Design Huang, Yo-Ping (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
The Formal Training for the Teachers of Technical Colleges in Taiwan Hsieh, Fuman (Taiwan,R.O.C.)
Innovation and Engineering Education da Silveira, Marcos (BRAZIL)
Encouraging Lifelong Learning by means of a Web-based Personal and Professional Development Tool Maddocks, Alan (UK)
The Implementation of Lifelong Learning on Technological and Vocational Curriculum in Taiwan Chang, Yu Min (Taiwan, R. O. C.)
A Study on the Educating and Training of the Technological Competencies for Manpower at the Manufacturers in Taiwan, R.O.C. Wu, Ming-Ta (Taiwan, R.O.C)
A Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications to Meet Immediate Industry Needs Govinda, Sachidananda (Mauritius)
Minority Students Gaining Access to Opportunities In Transportation Engineering: A Case Study Perkins, Judy (USA)
Enhancing Employability Skill Through Computer Education - A Study of Information System Program in Taiwan Wang, Wei-Chung (Republic of China)


Best Practice

Paper Title Author
Empowerment of Course Committees in Engineering Education Sarin, Sanjiv (USA)
Teaching Management to Engineering Students – Acting as a Learning Organization Silva, Artur (Portugal)
How to Motivate Students for Special Activities Farana, Radim (Czech Republic)
EaSim - a Simulator for the 68HC11 based HandyBoard Edwards, David (Australia)
Developing Skills Through Fieldwork Davies, John (UK)
Supplementary Programs in Economics and Management as Continuing Engineering Education Implementing the Dual Speciality Conception (following Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) model) Dumciuviene, Daiva (Lithuania)
To Apply Fuzzy Synthetic Decision in Constructing The Indicator of Projects-teaching Course in Institute Ching Fang , Lin (TAIWAN )
Process Design: A Systematic Approach for Learning in Developing Countries Mora Vargas, Marcela (Colombia)
Departmental Workload Administration Using Group Forecasting in Universities Deniz, Dervis Z. (TURKEY)
Engineering Students` Writing Skills Davies, John (UK)
Role of Traditional Methods – A Study on Students Understanding for Basic Physics in Electrical Engineering Nilsson, Ulf (Sweden)
Implementing and Embedding Effective Learning Technologies across an Engineering Faculty Crawford, Adam (UK)
Living Learning Experiences of an Electrical Engineering Student Silva Filho, Jorge (Brazil)
Factors Influencing the Pass Rate of Courses in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra Sá- Furtado, Carlos (Portugal)
Teaching Teamwork: Factors That Influence Research University Engineering Faculty to Implement Teamwork in Their Classes Moskalski, Norene (USA)


Outreach Programs to Increase Diversity in the University Environment

Paper Title Author
Engineering Students Teaching After-School Enrichment Programs: a Win-Win Proposition Sorby, Sheryl (USA)
Planning and Implementing an Outreach Program for Women in Engineering Jahan, Kauser (USA)
Engineering The Future: Enchancement of Pre-Engineering Programs Through Outreach Rockland, Ronald (USA)
Industrial Design Engineering: an International Scenario for an Innovative Degree Benavent Montoliu, Claudio José (SPAIN)
Exploring Interests in Technology and Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Bartolomei-Suarez, Sonia (Puerto Rico)
A Two-Semester Freshman Orientation Course Sequence for Retaining Underrepresented Minorities in Engineering Mitchell, Tony L. (USA)
Investigative Projects in Engineering for Secondary School Students Shallcross, David (Australia)
Outreach K-16 Programs to Enhance Diversity in the Science and Engineering Fields Perna, Angelo (USA)
Recruitment and Retention Programs to Increase Diversity in Engineering Anderson, Lisa (Canada)
Revolution of University Environment Through Strategic Alliances of Academy-industry Cooperation on Engineering Education Wu, Jennie, Y.J. (Taiwan, R.O.C.)


Engineering Education Coalitions - a Retrospective

Paper Title Author
Panel Discussion on Engineering Education Coalitions - A Retrospective Fromm, Eli (USA)
The Foundation Coalition: An Agent in Changing Engineering Education Froyd, Jeffrey (United States)
Engineering Education Coalitions: The Greenfield Retrospective Falkenburg, Donald (USA)
Extending the Work of the Engineering Education Coalitions Carpinelli, John (USA)
Experiences of an Engineering Education Coalition Anderson, Tim (USA)


Short / Modular Courses for Industry & Professional Development

Paper Title Author
A Model for Joint University - Enterprise Innovation Vacek, Jiri (Czech Republic)
Industry-University Interdependence and Self Financing Engineering Education Models. Chikuni, Edward (ZIMBABWE)
Courses of Specific Formation: Interaction of the Universidade do Vale do Paraíba - Univap with Companies of Advanced Technology Nogueira, Élcio (BRAZIL)
Electronics Packaging – A Course for the Rutgers University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Caggiano, Michael (usa)
Leveraging Industry Interaction for Course Creation: `DSP for Practicing Engineers` Jackson, Joel (USA)
Modular MSc and CPD Courses in Electrical Power Engineering Jenkins, Nick (England)


Supplementary eLearning Materials in Engineering and Computer Science Education

Paper Title Author
Different Dimensions in the Creating, Storing, Administation and Transforming of Content for Learning Purposes on Shared Databases. Haavisto, Christian (Germany)
Computer Based Technical Training: Students Designing for Students Çatalkaya, Tamer (Germany)
Pilot Modules of OPESS – An Online Course on Operations Management, ERP- and SCM Systems Fürbringer, Jean-Marie (Switzerland)
EazyTagz – An Environment for Building Powerful Interactive Teaching Portals for Non-programmers Sandnes, Frode Eika (Norway)
The Creation of e-learning Materials Based on Real-World Projects Zimmers, Emory (USA)
E-learning Materials: Benefits and Drawbacks Alphonce, Carl (USA)
A Collaborative Learning System Based on a Shared Interactive Laboratory Notebook Saliah-Hassane, Hamadou (Canada)
Promoting e-learning Courses in Aerospace Education in Taiwan Miau, Jiun-Jih (Republic of China)


Assessment of Global Teaming in Engineering for Undergraduates

Paper Title Author
Teaching Design Through International Collaboration Devon, Richard (USA)
Shared Expectations of Design Project Outcomes: Searching for Common Ground in Global Collaborations Kremer, Gul (USA)
Core Curriculum and Methods in Teaching Global Product Development Bilén, Sven (USA)
Global Engineering Design Team An Industrial Mentor`s Perspective Adams, Nathan (USA)


Problem-Based Learning

Paper Title Author
Use of a Commom Case Study Building for Multiple Subjects - Adoption and Evaluation Ashford, Peter (Australia)
Changing Structures for Delivery – Breaking traditional barriers Lennox, Barry (Greater Manchester)
Web-based Enhancements for Designing and Developing Integrated Product Realization Monplaisir, Leslie (USA)
Creating a Self Directed Learning Environment: Module Design and Implementation. Khambadkone, Ashwin (Singapore)
Multi-Electronic Media Classroom for Computer–Aided, Problem-Based Learning for Improved Chemical Engineering Simulation, Analysis, Control and Reactor Design Education Cocke, David (USA)




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