International Conference on
Engineering Education 2002

Partnership, Policy, Practice

UMIST, Manchester, UK
18 - 22 August 2002


Historical Connections and
Social Activities


Manchester, known as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, is a most appropriate location for our conference on engineering education. Among the many famous pioneers of science and engineering who were active in Manchester are Dalton, Joule, Rutherford and Whitworth. Likewise, the venue at UMIST is also appropriate, being founded in 1824 by a group of enlightened businessmen to educate personnel in the scientific principles underlying manufacturing industries At that time, these included textiles, chemical engineering, municipal engineering and dyeing. Today in Manchester may be seen many excellent reminders of it`s great industrial heritage, including special museums and the canal system which provided the transportation routes for materials and products.

The selected social events for ICEE2002, outlined below, include opportunities to view noteworthy items of industrial history. Links are also given to sources of information on other points of interest.


Monday 19 August

An evening reception and buffet will take place at the famous Museum of Science and Industry. The Air and Space Hall overlooks planes that made flying history while the atmospheric Power Hall houses the world's largest collection of working steam engines, together with early motors and generators.


Tuesday 20 August

The conference banquet will take place at UMIST. International cuisine will be served, followed by some entertainment.


Wednesday 21 August

It is proposed to organise a visit to Quarry Bank Mill. This is a water-powered cotton mill which was in production from the late 18th to the mid 20th centuries. Today it is a museum to the cotton industry and the people who worked in it, although a small amount of cloth is still made as giftware. However, even in its heyday, Quarry Bank was not one of Blake's "dark satanic mills", being set in rural Cheshire in a picturesque, wooded valley. Quarry Bank was built by Samuel Greg, an enlightened mill owner, and the adjacent `model village' of Styal - built to house mill workers - preserves its original character and is a "desirable location" even today.


For further information on Manchester and the locality visit Virtual Manchester for a comprehensive guide to attractions and events.


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