The paper submission process is very simple.  Copy-and-paste your final manuscript section by section onto the paper template (“Sample Paper”) provided.  The settings in the template are re-set so please do not change any of them, including the paper size. As shown in the template:


(a) Please enclose each figure and table in a text box (see and use examples in template); 

(b) References must be numbered in the sequence cited in the paper;

(c) In the list of references, authors' or first names must be in front of their last names (see examples in template); and

(d) By the deadline specified by the Board of Editors, your final manuscript must be uploaded to the iNEER website at:

(e) After uploading, please send an e-mail addressed to the Board of Editors at, and include the Authors’ Certification (see below) in your e-mail.







(Copy and paste this Certification and send it to the Board of Editors at  Enter the requested information and put an "X" in front of each underline below)

Title of Paper:


Number of 5” x 7-1/2” Text Pages:


Name of Author(s):


E-mail Addresses of Authors:


Name of Corresponding Author:


__X__    We are submitting a paper for possible publication in an iNEER Special Volume. We will abide by the Editors' decision to accept or reject the paper and, when called upon by the Editors, will respond to reviewers’ comments by appropriately modifying our paper, or provide a reasoned rebuttal. We understand that there shall be no withdrawal of the paper once the review process is started, until the Board of Editors reaches its decision. 


__X__    Our paper has not been published anywhere, and copyright for it has not been assigned to any party, and we have downloaded, signed and forwarded the iNEER copyright release form.


__X__    Prior to final acceptance, we are prepared to pay page charges at US$90 per page in accordance with Paragraph 9.3 of the Guidelines.  We understand that, to ensure a uniform standard and appearance, the iNEER Board of Editors will be responsible for final formatting, from which the final page count will be determined.  We also understand that, if the paper is not accepted by the Board of Editors, page charges will be refunded in full.  If the paper is withdrawn by the authors after the reviews are sent to them to revise the paper, or, if the authors do not revise the paper and there is no reasoned rebuttal, page charges will be refunded minus a processing fee equal to 25% of the page charges received, less the costs of credit card fees or bank transfer fees incurred by iNEER, if credit card or bank transfer is used for payment of page charges.  Each refund will be made in the form of an iNEER check drawn on a U.S. bank.