TO:                  Reviewers of Papers Submitted for iNEER Special Volume for 2003


FROM:             Board of Editors,


SUBJECT:        Review of Paper Submitted for “Engineering Education and Research – 2002: A Chronicle of Worldwide Innovations”


Dear Sir/Madam:


Recently, the International Network for Engineering Education and Research (iNEER) published a special volume for 2001 entitled: “Engineering Education and Research – 2001: A Chronicle of Worldwide Innovations”.  This book was distributed to all attendees at ICEE-2002 held during August 18-22, 2002 in Manchester, England, and is now available for purchase by clicking on the link: A photo of the book cover  may be seen at, while information on the table of contents and preface may be seen at: and


The author(s) of the attached paper have submitted it for consideration for possible inclusion in the next Special Volume which will be published in the spring of 2003.  As a member of the Board of Editors, I would appreciate it if you would kindly provide a review of the contents of the paper and give me your comments concerning the quality of the paper and its suitability for publication in an archival journal.  You have been selected as a reviewer because of your expertise in engineering education. 


Please give me your review by replying to this e-mail, and completing the five items in the Review Form below.  (Alternatively, you may copy the Review Form attached below and, after completing it, send it as an attachment to your e-mail.)  Your comments under “Reviewer’s Comments” will be especially important.  Please also check one of the boxes indicating your final recommendation. Verbatim copy of your review, minus reviewer identity, will be forwarded to the authors. We would appreciate your insightful comments to help improve the quality of the paper. 


In order that we can meet the publication deadline, please reply by November 5, 2002.  If you anticipate that you will not be able to respond by this deadline, please inform me immediately so I may contact another reviewer.  Thank you in advance for your help.




Board of Editors

iNEER Special Issue for 2003





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a.                   Contents (e.g.: clarity of objectives; basis of theory; conclusions drawn; understanding of subject; etc.):

b.                   Degree of Novelty or Originality (e.g.: presence of new ideas; innovative contributions; whether bulk of materials has been published elsewhere; etc.):

c.                   Structure of Paper (e.g.: general layout; use and proper numbering of figures/diagrams; etc.) 

d.                   Quality of Text (e.g.: clarity of expression; consistency; readability; number of quotations and references; etc.):

e.                   Reviewer’s General Opinion and Comments (e.g.: correctness of text; applicability of the items included; quality of paper; scope covered; etc.):

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