Dear Colleague:


Have you recently updated the courses that you teach?  Have you established new degree or certificate programs?  Have you created new courses or course modules, or designed innovative programs to involve students in your research, or otherwise worked on the integration of research and education?  Would you like to disseminate and publicize these and other innovations, share experiences and lessons learned, and further enhance innovation and productivity of your work through a dialog with members of the international peer community? 


If so, please consider submitting an article to an upcoming iNEER Special Volume.  Each special volume is a hardcover, archival book published annually by the iNEER Network.  All articles are subject to rigorous peer review.  The next book will be the 2007 Special Volume entitled: “Innovations 2007: World Innovations in Engineering Education and Research.”  Many of you and/or your colleagues in engineering and allied disciplines have published their work in past iNEER Special Volumes; see:

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Focused on promoting further advances in education and research worldwide through information and resource sharing, the International Network for Engineering Education and Research (“iNEER Network”) is a volunteer, professional organization formed recently by the world community in engineering and allied fields to foster international cooperation.  The widening iNEER network of educators and researchers currently covers 98 countries, and is linked through the iNEER website (, archival publications, e-mails, conferences, workshops, and retreats.  The most recent event of the iNEER Network was held a little more than two weeks ago, in July 2006 in San Juan, Puerto Rico (  Past conferences have been held in Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic, UK, Norway, Taiwan, and USA.  Next year we will meet in Portugal and Australia.  Future conferences are scheduled for Portugal, Hungary, Canada, and Australia.  We hope you will be able to join us in one of these conferences; we will send you the details.


Papers for iNEER Special Volumes are accepted throughout the year and you are welcome to submit your paper at anytime; however, if you wish to have your articles reviewed for the 2007 book, we would appreciate your articles at an early date, preferably by October 15, 2006.  Before submitting your articles, please be sure to refer to paper guidelines posted on the first link given above. 


Upon receiving your e-mail response requested at the top of this e-mail, we will send you a manuscript template in MS Word.  Simply copy-and-paste your final manuscript onto the template before forwarding it to us.  Please be sure to include the Authors’ Certification (see below) in your e-mail.


With best regards.


iNEER Board of Editors
Win Aung, Ph.D., P.E., Dr.h.c.


(Copy and paste this Certification and send it to the Board of Editors at  Enter the requested information and put an "X" in front of each underline below)

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Name of Corresponding Author:


__X__    We are submitting a paper for possible publication in an iNEER Special Volume. We will abide by the Editors' decision to accept or reject the paper and, when called upon by the Editors, will respond to reviewers’ comments by appropriately modifying our paper, or provide a reasoned rebuttal. We understand that there shall be no withdrawal of the paper once the review process is started, until the Board of Editors reaches its decision. 


__X__    Our paper has not been published anywhere, and copyright for it has not been assigned to any party, and we have signed and forwarded the iNEER copyright form.


__X__    Prior to final acceptance, we are prepared to pay page charges at US$75 per page in accordance with Paragraph 9.3 of the Guidelines.  We understand that, to ensure a uniform standard and appearance, the iNEER Board of Editors will be responsible for final formatting, from which the final page count will be determined.  We also understand that, if the paper is not accepted by the Board of Editors, page charges will be refunded in full.  If the paper is withdrawn by the authors after the reviews are sent to them to revise the paper, or, if the authors do not revise the paper and there is no reasoned rebuttal, page charges will be refunded minus a processing fee equal to 25% of the page charges received, less the costs of credit card fees or bank transfer fees incurred by iNEER, if credit card or bank transfer is used for payment of page charges.  Each refund will be made in the form of an iNEER check drawn on a U.S. bank.