May 29, 2005

FROM:  Board of Editors, iNEER

RE:         Solicitation of Articles for the 2006 Special Volume and Status of 2005 Special




Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to submit a paper for the 2006 iNEER Special
Volume (see (A) below), and to tell you about the 2005 iNEER Special Volume (in (B) below). 

Please forward this message to your colleagues who might be interested.

(A)  Invitation to Submit Articles for the 2006 Special Volume

Now, we are inviting submission of articles for the 2006 iNEER Special
Volume with a targeted publication date of July, 2006.  We are pleased to
invite you to submit an article for consideration by the Board of Editors.  For details, please see the guidelines posted at :
(copy and paste on your browser address box)

Continuing the title used in previous books, the title of the 2006 Special
Volume will be: "INNOVATIONS 2006: World Innovations in Engineering
Education and Research" and, as before, the book will be edited by a strong
Board of Editors.  The 2006 iNEER Special Volume will have the same high
standard and quality as past iNEER books.  For the 7" x 10" (approximately)
hard-cover book, please format your article for a 5" x 7-1/2" text area.
Use size 10 Times New Roman font, allowing for about 700 words per printed
page excluding graphics or tables.

Since iNEER does not charge membership dues, all of our programs must be
self-sustaining; hence, we expect authors to share in the costs of
publication through the payment of page charges.  This is consistent with
the practice adopted by professional societies with respect to archival
publications.  Payment of page charges is not necessary when a paper is
submitted, but it is due prior to processing the paper for peer review.  If
a paper is not accepted, iNEER will return the page charges, minus a small
processing fee. Page charges are set at US$75 per page.

If you are interested to have your paper considered for publication in the
2006 iNEER Special Volume, please follow the following two steps.

(1)  Complete your manuscript and format it by following the guidelines
noted above. The manuscript should be formatted using MS Word, to a 5" x
7-1/2" text area, with Times New Roman size 10 fonts.  After completing your
manuscript, please write to us at to request a MS Word
template for cut-and-paste formatting prior to submitting the forwarding to

The file for your formatted manuscript should be uploaded to the iNEER
website at:
(copy and paste on your browser address box)

(2)  After uploading your file as explained below, please send a
confirmation by e-mail to the Board of Editors at:  Please
help us identify your paper by including the following on the subject line:
"2006 Paper Upload Completed: <primary author last name>" (please specify
the primary author's last name).  Be sure to include in the body of your
e-mail the "Authors' Certification" copied from the template shown below.
Please also include the suggested keywords associated with your manuscript.
You also have the option of suggesting up to 5 reviewers for your paper by
including in your e-mail their names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, and
areas of expertise.

(3)  Immediately after uploading your manuscript, please download the
copyright release form from the URL below:
(copy and paste on your browser address box)

Complete the form by inserting the full title of your paper and the authors'
names.  All authors must sign the completed form.  Using airmail, please
send the completed form to the Board of Editors at:

Board of Editors
c/o iNEER Secretariat
Preston King Station
P.O. Box 5229
Arlington, VA 22205

(B)  2005 Special Volume

The 2005 Special Volume, entitled "Innovations 2005 - World Innovations in
Engineering Education and Research" was published as scheduled in March
2005.  Copies were included in the registration package for iCEER-2005 held
in Taiwan during March 1-5, 2005.  This hardcover book is currently
available for purchase online.  This hard cover book has 41 chapters for a
total of 542 pages, led by a chapter by Dr. William Wulf, President of the U.S.

National Acedemy of Engineering.  There are 91 authors from 16 countries.  More than 260 reviewers from over 40 countries provided comments in the peer review phase.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebration of Silesian University
of Technology, which hosts ICEE-2005 in July this year, a special edition of
the 2005 Special Volume will be published.  Entitled "Innovations 2005 --
Special Edition: World Innovations in Engineering Education and Research"
and subtitled: "Silesian University of Technology 60th Anniversary Edition",
will be published in July 2005 and will be distributed to participants of
ICEE-2005 to be held in Gliwice, Poland, July 25-30, 2005.

For further details about the 2005 Special Volume, and all previous iNEER
special volumes, please visit:

Thank you.


iNEER Board of Editors
Win Aung, Ph.D., P.E., Dr.h.c.


(Enter the requested information and put an "X" in front of each underline below)

Title of Paper:

Number of 5" x 7-1/2" Text Pages:

Name of Author(s):

E-mail Addresses of Authors:

Name of Corresponding Author:

__X__    We are submitting a paper for possible publication in the 2005
iNEER Special Volume; we will abide by the Editors' decision in the review
process and, if necessary, will respond to reviewers' comments by
appropriately modifying our paper, or provide a reasoned rebuttal.  We agree
to abide by the paper withdrawal policy stated in Section 9.1.f  of the

__X__    Our paper has not been published anywhere, and copyright for it has
not been assigned to any party, and we have signed and forwarded the iNEER
copyright form.

__X__    Prior to final acceptance, we are prepared to pay total page
charges at US$75 per page in accordance with Section 9.3 above.  We
understand that, to ensure a uniform standard and appearance, the iNEER
Board of Editors will be responsible for final formatting, from which the
final page count will be determined.