Final Report on ICEE - 1999

Report on the development and realisation
of the International Conference on Engineering Education, ICEE'99, 10. 8. - 14. 8. 1999,
Ostrava and Prague, Czech Republic.

Technical University of Ostrava

Prof. Ing. Vaclav Roubicek, CSc.
Prof. Ing. Tomas Cermak, CSc.
Prof. Ing. Jaromir Polak, CSc.
Ing. Andrea Krizakova
Ing. Radim Farana, CSc.

Ostrava, 1999

1 Introduction

The objective of this report is a brief outline of turning points concerning the development and realisation of the International Conference on Engineering Education, ICEE'99, which took part at the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava and Czech Technical University in Prague, in August, 1999.

For the Conference development, opportunities offered by IT's were fully observed. For this reason an indispensable part of this report is a brief characterisation of the Conference communication system made by Dr Farana.

2 Basic data on action


International Conference on Engineering Education, 1999 - ICEE'99


Progress through Partnership: Strengthening Alliances

Date and Venue:

10-12 August 1999, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, 17. listopadu 15, Ostrava-Poruba, 708 33, Czech Republic

13-14 August 1999, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation, Na Florenci 25, Praha 1, 110 00, Czech Republic


VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic,

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic,

National Science Foundation, Division of Engineering Education & Centers, Washington, DC, USA,

Asociace ceskych inzenyru, Prague, Czech Republic.

Preceding action:

ICEE'97 - 1997, Chicago, USA,

ICEE'98 - 8/1998, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

Language of the Conference:




Participating countries:


Papers presented:


Papers in the Conference Proceedings (CD-ROM):


3 Schedule for ICEE'99 Development


ICEE'97, Chicago, USA - the ICEE Steering Committee decided that ICEE in 1999 would take place in the Czech Republic at VSB-Technical University of Ostrava.



Development and publication of the first Web pages for the Conference.


Establishing National Committees – Organising Committee (Prof Cermak, Chair), Programme Commitee (Prof Polak, Chair), nominating their members from University staff, allocation of responsibilities.


Commencement of data filing (name, institution, address…) of possible participant in the KONFER System (format, ACCESS, author, Dr Radim Farana),

Data input source provided by the List of Participants at ICEE'98, and SEFI Guide 1997 (list of HEI's in Europe).

Deficiency: In spite of repeated soliciting, Mr L Scavardo do Carno did not provided the ICEE'99 List of Participants in electronic form which asked for laborious copying. This meant delay and implicated potential error.


Bulk e-mailing of about 1200 possible participants – Call for participation, Information on tentative subjects and schedule, the so called Call for Papers.

Advantage: all messages for all participants (inclusive addressing) are simply generated form the general database KONFER System, which was the case with all other correspondence.

Deficiency: The message, Call for Papers, was adapted several times (it concerned especially deadlines for abstracts and later Papers themselves). The last change was as late as in April 1999, which meant confusion for those who had been the first senders.



Steering Committee Meeting for ICEE'99 took place at VSB-TUO: members informed about standing development; members acquainted with Secretariat services and Communication System facilities.


Producing and dispatching leaflets which contained similar information as Call for Papers, the so called First Announcement; sent by post to leading staff of important universities, enterprises, and other institutions active in education; leaflets attached to Rector's Letter of Invitation and such more significant than sole e-mail messages.



Preparing official application forms.



Deficiency: Original Application Forms did not contain information on payments - later participants had to fill in for the second time; also online Application Forms did not contain data on payments and participants usually applied twice, sometimes giving different information.




Completing materials for registered participants.

4 Realisation of ICEE'99

a) ICEE'99 in Ostrava

8-9 August 1999

Registration of participants

9 August 1999

Hradec nad Moravici - social event, dinner, informal opening of the Conference, distinction of the Conference IP's – awarded with Commemorative Medal, 150th Anniversary Celebrations of VSB-TUO.

10 August 1999

11 August 1999

12 August 1999

b) ICEE'99 in Prague

13 August 1999

14 August 1999

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