International Steering Committee (ISC) Meeting
International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE)
Grand Hotel
Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

August 13, 2000

Attendees: S.A. Akbar (USA), W. Aung (USA), V. Bauer (Slovakia), T. Clausen (Norway), M. Dodridge (UK), A. Fadzil (Malaysia), R. Farana (Czech Republic), S. Fenster (USA), R. Jordan (USA), K.S. Kim (South Korea), P. Lee (USA), S.T. Mau (USA), R. Palmgren (Norway), V. Roubicek (Czech Republic), L. Scavarda (Brazil), M.A. da Schveric (Brazil), W.Z. Shen (Taiwan), E. Smerdon (USA), R. Sosnowski (Poland), E. Swanstrom (Norway), J.F. Wang (Taiwan), C.H. Wei (Taiwan), H.S. Yan (Taiwan), W. Zielinski (Poland)

  1. C.H. Wei, Meeting Chair, opened the meeting at 3 PM. He circulated the agenda and requested everyone to introduce himself/herself.
  2. C.H. Wei provided a brief report on ICEE-2000. He reported that there were about 350 registrants from 24 countries.
  3. T. Clausen, ICEE-2001 Conference Chair, reviewed progress in planning for the conference next year. He invited everyone to attend the next ICEE-ISC meeting scheduled for Norway in October, 2000 and handed out information on the meeting schedule and arrival planning. He requested those who plan to attend to inform him within about 2 weeks following the conclusion of ICEE-2000.
  4. Report on progress in planning: W. Aung reported that P. Hicks (ICEE-2002) was cheduled to arrive later in the day and did not provide any update, and that L. M. Sanchez-Ruiz (ICEE-2003) had informed him that his vacation was scheduled at the same time as ICEE-2000 and sent his regrets. W. Aung will contact these individuals to provide the needed reports at the next meeting in Norway.
  5. New conference proposals for future conferences were presented by or on behalf of the following individuals:
    1. Prof. R. Sosnowski and Prof. W. Zielinski, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland.

    2. Prof. Timothy Anderson, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA (presented by J. Tront).

    3. Prof. Kwang Sun Kim, Korea University of Technology and Education, Chungnam, South Korea.

    4. Prof. Luiz Scavarda, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    5. Prof. Ramon E. Vasquez-Espinosa, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (presented by W. Aung).

    Proposals (b) and (e) in electronic format and they are attached herewith for information and comment.
    In the ensuing discussion, it was observed that all proposals had merits and deserve further consideration; however, since none of the proposals provided all of the information called for in the ICEE Proposal Guide, it was decided that all applicants should be encouraged to complete their proposal preparation in advance of the next ICEE-ISC meeting. W. Aung will convey the message to the applicants who were absent.
  6. Next meeting dates: October 1-4, 2000.
    Venue: Porsgrunn and Oslo, Norway.
  7. The meeting was adjourned by C.H. Wei at 5:15 PM.

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