AGENDA for 2-21-01

Chair: C.H. Wei


Thursday, February 21, 2002

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM Introduction and Welcome Wei

9:15 AM iNEER: A New Approach to International Cooperation Aung

9:45 AM iNEER Blueprint for International Cooperation Ilic (+), Johnson, Scavarda

10:15 AM Bologna Declaration and iNEER Linkage with Europe++ Farana, Roubicek (+)

10:45 AM Break

11:15 AM iNEER-IJEE Special Issue Aung (+), Roubicek, Scavarda, Wei

11:45 AM Academic Exchange - Ilic


12:15 PM Lunch


1:30 PM Regional Partnerships in Latin America, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean++ Morell, Orama, Scavarda (+), Vasquez

2:00 PM University-Based Research Centers for Driving International Cooperation Rao, Roubicek, Wendler (+), Van Buskirk, Yen

2:30 PM Facilitating Partnership and Exchanges in East Asia Regions++ Wei (+), Chen, Yang, Yan

3:00 PM Expanding the Global Partnership: Linkage with Influential Heads of Institutions* Kalanidhi, Roubicek, Van Buskirk (+), Wendler

3:30 PM Linkage with South Asia Regions++ Kalanidhi (+), Rao, Arivuoli

4:00 PM Summary Discussion; ICEE-2003; Next Retreat

4:30 PM Adjourn