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<%=conf_name%> Online Registration and Payment Page

Official Conference Website:


Every participant must use this page to register for the conference by checking the appropriate boxes for the type of registration and the desired fee Payment Type, and filling in the information about the person who is paying and the person being registered (if different), and then clicking the "Submit" button located below.

For step-by-step instruction on registration and fee payment options using Online Credit Card payment, Wire Transfer or PayPal, please visit the following site by copying the URL and pasting it on your browser address box:


Registration fees are collected here by iNEER on behalf of iCEER 2013. iNEER serves only as a pass-through agent for the registration fees, and is not responsible for conference logistics such as programming and schedule, and hotel bookings and reservations. For these and other issues, please contact General Co-Chair Professor Amine Berqia (berqia@gmail.com) at ENSIAS (www.ensias.ma), the host of iCEER-2013. All payments must be in U.S. Dollars.

IMPORTANT: If your payment includes lodging, immediately after pament is made, please follow the instructions posted at the following to book your hotel: http://www.ineer.org/Events/iCEER2013_Info/Letter_to_iNEER_Network-iCEER_Marrakesh_Conference_Hotel-Lodging_Your-action-required_2013-06-07.pdf

(a) If you select "Online Credit Card" payment, you will be directed to the secure online payment website of Authorize.Net, our credit card processor; there, you will be asked to enter information about your credit card. Further instructions are also provided. Authorize.Net (http://www.authorize.net/), a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996, is a subsidiary of CyberSource Corporation (http://www.cybersource.com/), a global epayment services corporation with operations headquarters in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan.

(b) Participants who wish to pay with wire transfer must enter and submit the requested information on this payment page, and immediately follow up with their bank to do the wire transfer, using the information about the iNEER bank given below. After you click "Submit", you will see the total payment on the next page, which will show a US$16 bank fee in order that your net payment will equal the registration fee. Your registration will not be complete unless you pay the exact total amount shown on the next page, which includes the $16 wire transfer fee that will be deducted from the payment by the receiving bank, making the net payment equal to the registration fee. After payment is made, please send an e-mail to iNEER (ineer@ineer.org) and attach a scanned copy of the payment receipt..

Name of Bank: Wells Fargo Bank
Name of Account: International Network for Engineering Education and Research
Address of iNEER: 10817 Willow Run Court, Potomac, MD 20854, USA
Address of Bank: 10305 Westlake Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20817, USA
Account number: 2000003770128
ABA: 051400549
NOTE: This bank does not use IBAN and BIC numbers.

(c) Participants who wish to pay with Paypal must enter the requested information on this payment page and follow up by accessing the Paypal website to transfer the funds to iNEER.

Registration Fees to be Paid
(total shown on next page):
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Single RoomEUR <%=conference_fee_single_EUR%> (USD <%=conference_fee_single%>)
Shared Double RoomEUR <%=conference_fee_double_EUR%> (USD <%=conference_fee_double%>)

Authors must pay by May 30, 2013. If multiple papers
are being presented by one author, a EUR 50 fee must be
paid for each additional paper. Please see fee section

Single RoomEUR <%=conference_fee_author_single_EUR%> (USD <%=conference_fee_author_single%>)
Shared Double RoomEUR <%=conference_fee_author_double_EUR%> (USD <%=conference_fee_author_double%>)

And other supporting organizations.

Single RoomEUR <%=conference_fee_committee_single_EUR%> (USD <%=conference_fee_committee_single%>)
Shared Double RoomEUR <%=conference_fee_committee_double_EUR%> (USD <%=conference_fee_committee_double%>)

Please show a copy of your student ID and a letter from
your university confirming your student status at the
registration desk.

Shared Double RoomEUR <%=conference_fee_student_EUR%> (USD <%=conference_fee_student%>)

Authors with more than one paper must pay an additional
EUR 50 per additional paper.

# of Additional Papers:   EUR (USD )

Must accompany a person in a Single Room registration.

EUR <%=accompany_fee_EUR%> (USD <%=accompany_fee%>)

Attendees staying less than five nights receive
a discount of EUR 70 per night

# of Nights Lodging Required:   EUR (USD )
SPOUSEUSD < %=accompany_fee% >
(Discounted Registration Expires < %=early_reg_date% >)
USD < %=workshop_fee_w1% >
Saratov State Technical University staff ONLY
USD < %=workshop_fee_w2% >
STUDENTUSD < %=student_fee% >
Payment Type:
 Online Credit Card 
<% '' Faxed Credit Card Payment 
%>  Paypal 
 Wire Transfer 

NOTE: To receive proper credit for your registration payment, you must enter the information required on this page, select one of the payment type listed above, check the box at the bottom and click the "Submit" button below. YOU MUST CHECK THE APPROPRIATE PAYMENT TYPE AND ENTER DETAILS ABOUT YOURSELF, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT PAYMENT METHOD YOU USE. If you stop without entering all required information and click the "Submit" buttom below, your payment will not be transferred to the conference Secretariat and you will not be recognized as a paid participant, and it will be necessary for you to re-enter all of the information again.


Information about Person Making Payment

*First Name: *Last Name:
Affiliation: Country:
Email: Phone:


Person Registered (if different from above)

First Name: Last Name:
Affiliation: Country:
Email: Phone:
By clicking this box, I agree to the terms of the Refund Policy stated below and on the iCEER 2013 Conference website (http://iceer2013.labader.org/).  

Registration Fee Includes

  • Conference registration and admission to all technical sessions at the conference facility of the Ryad Mogador Agdal Hotel
  • Coffee and refreshment breaks at the conference facility
  • Lunches for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 July at the conference facility
  • Gala Dinner and sightseeing of Marrakech city (bus and English guide included)
  • Program book
  • One copy of the conference proceedings on a USB stick/flash memory
  • 5 nights in the hotel (30 June and 1, 2, 3, 4 July 2013) with breakfast in the shown type of room (Single room or shared double room - if shared room is selected the registrant must send the name of the other sharing room registrant to the organizers)
  • If fewer than 5 nights lodging are required, a lodging discount of EUR 70 per night will be credited as shown in the fee schedule above

Accompanying Person Fee Includes (in conjunction with a Single Room Registration)

  • Coffee and refreshment breaks at the conference facility
  • Lunches for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 July at the conference facility
  • Gala Dinner and sightseeing of Marrakech city (bus and English guide included)
  • Program book
  • 5 nights in the hotel (30 June and 1, 2, 3, 4 July 2013) with breakfast

Refund Policy

Please read the following policy and check the button above indicating your agreement before proceeding with payment:

  1. Refund requests will be accepted by iNEER only for payments made to iNEER through this website. All refund requests to iNEER must be by e-mail sent to: ineer@ineer.org.
  2. Requests made to iNEER must be consistent with the following cancellation policy set by iCEER 2013, less applicable transaction fees associated with the refund.

    Before June 1, 2013 - 50% Refund

    After June 1, 2013 - No Refund

    (All refunds will be made after the event takes place)

  3. Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fee is received.
  4. The conference program may be subject to changes.
  5. Payments will be refunded if the conference will be canceled by the organizer. In that case, the organizer will have no further liability to the client. Registrations remain valid if the conference has to be postponed.