An Update  Brief Introduction ofon iCEER-2005

Taipei: February 28, 2005

Tainan: March 1-5, 2005


Update summary:


1.          Pre-Conference in Taipei on March 1

2.     Overview of iCEER Program

2.          Registration deadline (January 11, 2005), transportation, accommodation, technical and cultural tours

3.          Closing date for abstracts/papers for Poster Session


Dear Colleagues:





    After the great event of ICEE-2004 held at University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, U. S. A., I would like to remind you the upcoming event of iCEER-2005, to be held in TTaiwan this coming March.  For iCEER-2005, the early registration is due January 11, 2005.  On behalf of iCEER-2005, I would like to ask you to vPlease visit the  iCEER-2005 website: for registration and more information.


Here, I would like to take this opportunity to provide you a brief introduction of the activities of iCEER-2005, which will be held in Taiwan this coming March. Fir.  First of all, I would like to I would like toshould point out that the period of iCEER-2005 is extended to February 28 - March 5, 2005, which includes thea pre-conference workshop held in Taipei on February 28.  Meanwhile, I should mention that for tFor the pre-conference workshop, there is an early registration fee of 80 USD. As Yyou will find, that it is going to be a rewarding experience for you to attend the pre-workshop conference workshop, which includes the technical and cultural programs.


In the following, I would like to update to you the information of iCEER-2005.


Pre-conference workshop at Taipei on February 28:



Free shuttle bus service will be provided from Taipei CKS airport to Howard International House Taipei on February 27 and 28. Participants who would like to use the shuttle bus service please use the iCEER-2005 website to contact us and provide your arrival flight information. On March 1, free tour buses will be arranged to take all the participants from Taipei to Tainan via highway. For your information, the distance from Taipei to Tainan is about 300km, which will take about 3 and half hours by driving.



We have reserved rooms at Howard International House Taipei on February 27 and 28 for iCEER-2005 participants.  Please use our iCEER-2005 website to make room reservation.


An overview of the pre-conference workshop program:

The technical program is scheduled in the morning of February 28 at Howard International House Taipei.  3-4 Keynote talks arewill be arranged following the opening session. The workshop will be hosted by Professor Che-Ho Wei, the President of Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET). The main theme of the pre-workshop is on international engineering accreditation.

The cultural program will be started in the afternoon, immediately after the closing of the technical program. You will visit National Palace Museum, where is located at the outskirt of Taipei City.    The Museum is famous for its collection, ranging from the ancient time of China more than five thousand years ago to the Ching Dynasty late nineteenth century. In the evening, dinner will be arranged at Howard International House Taipei or some restaurant in Taipei City, which is subjected to later annwill be announced ouncementlater. In the morning of March 1, you will visit Taipei 101 Tower first. Recently built Taipei 101 Tower recently built is known as the highhighest building in the world at presentto date. It is a landmark of Taipei City, situated in the East District, where I would reis referred to as one of the busiest areaplaces in Taiwan around the clock, day and night. The tower is scheduled to be opened by the end of 2004. It is going to be a delightful experience tofor you to havee a bird eye¡¦s view of Taipei City from this newly opened tower. After the Taipei City tour, buses will take you to Tainan. Conference registration will be started in the afternoon at TAYIHLANDIS Hotel, where the reception will be served in the evening.      






On February 28 and March 1, arranged free shuttle bus service will be provided at Kaohsiung (KHH) Airport to take participants to the hotels in Tainan City. If your flight is booked to the KHH airport, please use the iCEER-2005 website to provide us your arrival information.  The distance between the KHH airport and Tainan City is about 50 kilometer, which normally takes about one hour of driving via highway. On March 5, free bus service will be provided to take participants to the Kaohsiung (KHH) and CKS airports.  Further information on the schedules of bus service mentioned above will be posted on the iCEER-2005 website later.  If you would like to take the domestic flight from Taipei Songshan airport to Tainan airport, you can take a taxi to your hotel in Tainan city at a cost about 250 NTD (about 8 USD).

On March 5, free bus service will be provided to take participants to the Kaohsiung (KHH) and Taipei (CKS) International Airports.  Further information on the schedules of bus service mentioned above will be posted on the iCEER-2005 website later.



iCEER-2005 has obtained special room rates of TAYIHLANDIS Hotel and Tainan Hotel for participants. Please use the iCEER-2005 website for room reservation. A map indicating the locations of these two hotels in Tainan City will be provided on the website soon. . TAYIHLANDIS Hotel is a five-star rated hotel, where the reception and banquet on March 1 and March 3 of the iCEER-2005 will be held. During the conference, scheduled shuttle bus service will be provided between these two hotels and the conference site.


An overview of iiCEER-2005 program:

The technical program of iCEER-2005 consists of keynote sessions, parallel sessions for oral presentation and, poster sessions, and workshops on special topics. Also, invited talks will be arranged, in the parallel sessionswhich will be announced later. As anticipated, approximately 200 papers will be presented in the conference. The opening session of iCEER-2005 will be opened formallyheld in the morning of March 2. For further information of the program, please visit the iCEER-2005 website:


A technical tour of visiting Tainan Science Park is scheduled in the afternoon of March 3. The Science Park is located about 15km from Tainan City, where the world- class LCD companies and semiconductor industry are based.  Last year the revenue of the companies in the Science Park isreached about 45 billion USD in total. Furthermore, the Science Park is rich in archeological findings. Recent excavations indicated, evidencing that human activities in this region could be traced back to six thousands of years ago. The technical tour will arrange you to tour around the park, including the archeological site and the facilities of the LCD companies, and pay a visit to the exhibition hall.would like to provide you the information of both aspects mentioned above.


A cultural tour is scheduled in the morning of March 5 to visit Luermen temple, known as one of the largest temples in the Taiwan. Also, it is should be mentioned that near the temple there was a historical site concerningof General Koxinga¡¦s troop landing on Taiwan in Ming Dynasty. This visit will provide the participantsyou more insights into the history of Taiwan and the religious aspects of Taiwanese people.


For the Welcome Party, Banquet and Farewell party, delicious varieties of Chinese food will be served, during which some performance programs will be arranged, to be announced later. We wish that these social programs would give you more enjoyable experiences and memories about the conference. 


Deadline for Poster Session:


Finally, I should mention a recent announcement made on the iCEER-2005 website that a poster session will be arranged in the technical program, for those authors who would like to submit abstracts only.  The due date of abstracts submission is November 30, 2004.  Please send the abstracts to  The accepted abstracts will also be included in the Proceedings CD.


Again, oOn behalf of iCEER-2005,In summary, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to participate in iCEER-2005., and wish  Wish you have an very enjoyable and rewarding visit to Taiwan!


By the way, if you have any questions with iCEER-2005, please feel free to write me using e-mail:  I am looking forward to seeingSee you in the Conference.


Best regards,


Jiun-Jih Miau

Member of the National Organizing Committee of iCEER-2005


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

National Cheng Kung University