DATE:             November 24, 2004

TO:                  Authors who have submitted abstracts for iCEER-2005

FROM:            Win Aung

Dear Colleagues:

(1) Thank you very much for submitting your abstracts for iCEER-2005 to be
held in Taiwan in February/March, 2005. Those of you who were in Taiwan for
ICEE-2000 will remember the excellent conference program and memorable
cuisines and cultural and technical tours that, together, provided an
unforgettable experience for attendees. That's why we are all looking
forward to returning to Taiwan for iCEER-2005!

We especially look forward to hearing your presentation in a very exciting
conference program in iCEER-2005.

(2) If you have not submitted your paper for possible publication in an
upcoming iNEER Special Volume, you can do so at any time by indicating your
interest below.

(3) At this time, please help us confirm the status or plan for your full
paper submission by replying to this e-mail after placing an "X" on the
applicable statement below.

_______    We have submitted our paper to the iCEER-2005 website

_______    We have not submitted, but plan to do so by ______(insert date)

_______    We have changed our mind and will not be submitting our full paper

_______    We are interested in publishing our paper in an upcoming iNEER Special Volume. Please provide details.


Win Aung, Ph.D., P.E., Dr.h.c.
Board of Editors
iNEER Special Volume