July 31, 2004


Dear Colleagues:

Since iNEER is a sponsor of iCEER-2005, we would like to extend our invitation to you to attend.  Appended below is summary information on Calls for Papers.

Please consider joining us at what promises to be a memorable event.


Tomas Cermak, Ph.D.
Chair, iNEER Board
Rector, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava

Win Aung, Ph.D., Ph.E., Dr.h.c.
iNEER Secretariat

Conference website:


Calls for Papers:

1.         Workshop: ABET Accreditation (Ilyas/Hsu)
2.         Assessment in Engineering Education (Muffo/Lohani)
3.         Assessment of Curriculum Design and Student Learning (Teng)
4.         Combination of Classroom and Distance Education (Babich/Saliah-Hassane/Taylor)
5.         Disaster Prevention ((Chiang)
6.         e-Learning (Yu/Chen)
7.         Collaboration between Engineering and Education Faculty (Lohani/Muffo)
8.         Industrial Collaboration (Li/Huang)
9.         International Engineering Education Accreditation
10.       Language and Communication in Engineering Education (Jian)
11.       Nano-technology
12.       Online Laboratory Computing and Infrastructure Technologies
13.       Opto-Mechatronics (Luo/Cheng)
14.       System on Chip (Jou/Huang)
15.       Telecommunication (Li/Lin)
16.       Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Engineering Education (Sandnes)
17.       Biotechnology
18.       Government Policy Issues
19.       International Cooperation and Exchange Programs
20.       Information Technology
21.       New Development in Engineering Education
22.       Project-Based Learning
23.       Other Topics