iNEER Conference for Engineering

Education and Research



 National Cheng Kung University

Tainan, Taiwan, March 1-5, 2005




International Engineering Education Accreditation


Education accreditation can not only help ensure quality of programs but also provide a mechanism for continuous improving assessment. Therefore, more and more countries have their own institutes to accredit engineering programs. Since 1997, ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, U.S.A.) has adopted new outcome-based accreditation criteria called EC2000. How to meet the requirements of the criteria and to implement the outcome-based criteria is a crucial issue for engineering faculty. On the other hand, based on substantially equivalent criteria, several countries singed the Washington Accord, an agreement between signatory countries. The main purpose of Washington Accord is to strengthen the quality assurance of engineering programs and encourage the international cooperation between signatories with accredited programs. In this session, papers related to the following areas are welcome.


    Program outcomes and assessment;

    Criteria development and implementation;

    Washington Accord and international cooperation;

    Other topics related to engineering education accreditation.    




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Aug 20, 2004


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Sept 01, 2004


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Oct 20, 2004


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Nov 20, 2004


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Dec 10, 2004


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Session Chair:

Dr. Yeong-Bin Yang

Dean, College of Engineering

National Taiwan University

Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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Dr. Pei-Fen Chang
Assistant Professor,
Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction,
National Central University,
Chung-Li, Taiwan 320.