iNEER Conference for Engineering

Education and Research



 National Cheng Kung University

Tainan, Taiwan, March 1-5, 2005



Engineering – Education Collaboration


Papers emphasizing the role of collaborative activities between engineering faculty and education faculty targeted at improving engineering education are invited. In recent years, a number of efforts have been made to increase the level of interaction among engineering and education faculty to enhance engineering education with new pedagogy and educational research. For example, in the US the National Science Foundation has initiated a number of engineering education research and curriculum development programs that strongly encourage collaborative efforts between engineering and education faculties for applying latest research in learning theory and pedagogical concepts for improving engineering education. In fact, two major universities in the US have recently created engineering education departments within the College of Engineering that are taking lead in developing such engineering-education collaborative activities for improving engineering education.


The key question to address in this session includes how to develop effective collaboration strategies between faculties of engineering and education resulting in enhancement of engineering education. Case studies describing results of application of advances in pedagogy and learning theory to engineering curricula are particularly welcome. A critical review of research studies on learning theory and latest pedagogical concepts that are relevant in the context of engineering education will be useful for engineering educators around the world.




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Aug 20, 2004


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Sept 01, 2004


Notice of acceptance/ rejection

Oct 20, 2004


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Nov 20, 2004


Notice of final paper acceptance/ rejection

Dec 10, 2004


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Session Chair:

Dr Vinod K. Lohani

Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Education

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA

Phone: 540- 231-9545

FAX:   540-231-6903



Dr. John Muffo

Director, Academic Assessment Program
Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA 24061-0157, USA

Phone: 540-231-6003