iNEER Conference for Engineering

Education and Research



 National Cheng Kung University,

Tainan, Taiwan, March 1-5, 2005



Combination of classroom and distance education


Papers are solicited on the area of synthesis and interaction of classroom and remote engineering education.


The appearance and rapid growth of new education methods using distance learning shifted the research towards the replacement of traditional with remote methods. The experience and analysis show however that distance learning methods cannot cover the whole range of pedagogical elements needed for modern engineering education at least in the medium term. Educators seem to come to the consensus that a combination of  face-to-face and online methods is the way to go.


Simple junction of the two approaches is not enough. Instead, they must be organically integrated. This means their mutual influence as well as the best exploitation of their respective strengths. The session will deal with integration of traditional education and DL from pedagogical, technical and economic points of view. Best practices proposals and case studies are particularly welcome.




Aug 20, 2004


Abstract due

Sept 01, 2004


Notice of acceptance/ rejection

Oct 20, 2004


Final paper due

Nov 20, 2004


Notice of final paper acceptance/ rejection

Dec 10, 2004


Participant early registration closed and deadline for authors’ registration to ensure publishing of submitted papers



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