iNEER Conference for Engineering

Education and Research



 National Cheng Kung University

Tainan, Taiwan, March 1-5, 2005



Assessment of Curriculum Design and Student Learning


Papers are solicited in the area of assessment of curriculum design and student learning.As a result of rapid technological advancements in society, the needs for engineering students to be well prepared to contribute to applying and expanding science, mathematics, and engineering knowledge are increasing.In addition, to adapt to the exigencies of the fast-paced global marketplace, new paradigm for assessing curriculum design and student learning must be explored.


Assessing appropriate curriculum materials and evaluating new technology for future curriculum innovation that advocate creative problem solving, thinking critically, using technology effectively and responsibly, and valuing life-long learning to come up with learner-centered curricula to meet the need and expectation of the various stakeholders in the future of engineering are essential to ensure competitiveness of the engineering graduates.The key questions to address in this session include how to assess the innovative curriculum design as well as the student centered learning in order to enhance studentsí motivation for learning and their outcomes.Traditional and nontraditional pedagogical practices and case studies are particularly welcome.




Aug 20, 2004


Abstract due

Sept 01, 2004


Notice of acceptance/ rejection

Oct 20, 2004


Final paper due

Nov 20, 2004


Notice of final paper acceptance/ rejection

Dec 10, 2004


Participant early registration closed and deadline for authorsí registration to ensure publishing of submitted papers




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Jyh-tong Teng, Dean

College of Engineering

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