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Subject: Invitation to help organize iCEER-2004


TO:          iNEER Community

From:     Tomas Cermak, Rector, Technical University of Ostrava

                Win Aung, iNEER Secretariat


Dear Colleagues: 


On behalf of the organizing committees and the iNEER Board, we would like to extend cordial greetings to each and everyone of you. In addition, we would like to invite your suggestions for topics and sessions for iCEER-2004, which will be held at Bouzhov Castle in the historic and scenic Moravian region of the Czech Republic. The dates are June 27 - 30, 2004. 


The main goals of iCEER-2004 are to promote international cooperation, and to foster person-to-person and institution-to-institution linkages in research and education. The integration of research and education, an increasingly important topic in many institutions around the world, is of special importance in this conference. We seek your input and participation in the growing international network that is focused on these concerns.


More information concerning iCEER-2004 may be found at: http://www.fs.vsb.cz/akce/2004/iceer/index.htm.  For more details about iNEER, the principal sponsor of the conference, please visit: http://www.ineer.org.


Your specific suggestions on session topics will be welcome.  Please just reply to this e-mail with your idea, including your topics and a short reason for your suggestion.


If you plan to attend the conference, you are also welcome to participate in program planning and organization.  Specifically, your proposal for session organization and co-chairing will be welcome.  This should be done using a specific format that has been used in past conferences.  To facilitate the process, we recommend that you adapt one of the 19 Calls for Papers for ICEE-2003 and change it as appropriate.  These 19 Calls for ICEE-2003 may be accessed from http://www.ineer.org by clicking on the "ICEE-2003" link.  Simply highlight any one of the 19 Calls for Papers and paste it in a new Word file and then change it to suit your need, and forward it to us by e-mail to ineer@ineer.org as an attachment.  All proposals will be reviewed by the organizing committees which will make the final decisions.


Since only a limited number of proposed sessions can be accommodated, your early response will be essential. 


To be considered, your proposals must be received by November 8, 2003.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Tomas Cermak

Rector, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Ostrava, Czech Republic


iNEER Secretariat

Win Aung





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