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Subject: [Int_steering_comm_iceer] Invitation for Session Suggestion and Organization


TO:        iCEER-ISC Members

From:     Win Aung, iNEER Secretariat


Dear Colleagues: 


On behalf of the members of the iNEER Board, I would like to extend cordial greetings to each and everyone of you. Thank you once again for agreeing to serve on the iCEER-ISC. The main goal of iNEER is to promote international cooperation. The iCEER conferences are only some of the methods we use to help us achieve our goals, and that is possible only with your help.


The membership list for iCEER-ISC and its role, as well as bio-sketches of members, have been posted on the iNEER website. If there is any error, please let me know. Please see the 2nd, 4th and last items on:



The first iCEER conference will be held in the Czech Republic. Please see the website at:



This is advance notice to let you know that, in the next day or so, we shall be sending a general invitation to the iNEER community for suggestions and volunteers for session organization and co-chairing for iCEER-2004. A limted number of session suggestions (about 20) will be accepted. Some of the recommended topics are listed on the above website. Your suggestions may expand on these topics, or be different from them, but before you respond please study these and other discussion on the website, especially concerning the theme of the conference. You must plan to attend iCEER-2004 on June 27-30  2004 to respond to this invitation.  What we need you to do is to expand one or more of these broad guidelines into one-page Calls for Papers which will be publicized so as to help focus the discussion at the conference. Please use the attached Call for Papers by Prof. Sonia Bartolomei for style and format.  


Suggestions from iCEER-ISC members will be given appropriate preference the National Organizing Committee (NOC) headed by Prof. TomasCermak in Ostrava; however, your prompt response will be essential. The deadline for response will be set for November 5, 2004. The NOC will decide on acceptances.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Win Aung





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