International Conference on Engineering Education and Research


Bouzov Castle, Czech Republic, June 27-30, 2004


Topics may include, but are not limited to, the broad range of skills training for postgraduate students.  In some nations, government funding initiatives along with the increasing demands
from employers for a broad based skills base in graduates, have raised postgraduate skills training to a new level of importance and many universities are trying to develop programmes to respond to these initiatives.  In this session, we plan to cover a wide range of issues that require discussion and further investigation under this topic.  Examples include innovative, experiential-based courses for research engineers, innovative training programme content and structures, skills training solutions for off campus based students, the 'dependent' undergraduate to independent' postgraduate transition, skills training for mature students, training needs analysis principles and methods, the monitoring and recording of skills development. 


January 15, 2004:   Abstract due (submit through website indicated below, with e-mail to Session Co-Chair. Be sure to begin the text of your abstract with the title of this session)

February 10, 2004:  Notice of preliminary acceptance

March 15, 2004:      Paper submission deadline

March 15, 2004:      Early registration deadline (required for final acceptance of papers)

March 15, 2004:      Deadline for authors’ registration to ensure publishing of submitted papers

April 15, 2004:         Notice of final acceptance based on peer review (Registration fees will be refunded if papers are not accepted)


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Dr. Jim Boran, Graduate Skills Tutor
Dr. Tony Bromley, Graduate Skills Tutor
Dr. Paul Brunn, Senior Lecturer
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