International Conference on Engineering Education and Research


Bouzov Castle, Czech Republic, June 27-30, 2004






Accreditation bodies, such as the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), have changed their accreditation from input-driven to output-driven; i.e., the focus is on what the students are learning.  Coupled with that is an emphasis on assessment and evaluation of student learning and continuous improvement of the program. 


This session will provide examples of procedures that have been found to work, with particular emphasis on maintaining a reasonable workload on the faculty.  Of special interest is international accreditation.  Authors are encouraged to present their methods and systems and comment on their experiences. Transportability of engineering credentials, international collaboration and recent development in any part of the world, represent great interest.


Papers are solicited also broadly in the following areas:

Development of program outcomes and continuous improvement programs;

Program level assessment of student learning;

Developing and implementing a strategic plan;

Managing the workload associated with assessment.



January 15, 2004:   Abstract due (submit through website indicated below, with e-mail to the Session Co-Chairs. Be sure to begin the text of your abstract with the title of this session)

February 10, 2004:  Notice of preliminary acceptance

March 15, 2004:      Paper submission deadline

March 15, 2004:      Early registration deadline (required for final acceptance of papers)

March 15, 2004:      Deadline for authors’ registration to ensure publishing of submitted papers

April 15, 2004:         Notice of final acceptance based on peer review (Registration fees will be refunded if papers are not accepted)


Further information is available at the iCEER-2004 web site: 

Session Co-Chairs:

Timothy L. Skvarenina
Professor of ECET
Purdue University
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765-496-1354 (fax)


Dr. Marios Kassinopoulos

Electrical Department

Higher Technical Institute

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