DATE:                    February 22, 2004

TO:                         Participants Registered on the iCEER-2004 Website

Dear Colleagues:

Please excuse this somewhat impersonal way of communicating with you. Owing to the deadline involved, we want to send this out quickly to each one of you; since there are close to 400 persons currently registered on the iCEER-website, it would take too long to send a personalized e-mail to each of you. Nevertheless, please rest assured that we look forward to welcoming you personally to Czech Republic during June 27-30, 2004 at iCEER-2004.


As of today, we have received 316 abstracts from 386 participants in 55 countries. To see summaries of listing of abstracts as of a few days ago, please visit:

Also included on the above link is a copy of this e-mail, so that you may have ready access to the information through the website.

We wish to thank you for registering for iCEER-2004. Since the payment page is now open, please process your payment. To pay by wire transfer, see details at:

To pay by credit card: please download the payment form under "b" at the bottom of the page.

Due date for early registration at 400 Euros is March 15, 2004.

Due date for full paper is also March 15, 2004.


We have posted the list of accepted abstracts at:

Formatting instructions are given on the iCEER-2004 website:

Please follow the following guidelines on contents and structure:
a.       Contents: Please pay attention to clarity of objectives, basis of theory, conclusions drawn, demonstration of your understanding of the subject matter; etc.

b.      Degree of Novelty or Originality:  Explain what is new in what you are reporting, clearly discussing the new ideas involved, and the innovative contributions. Be sure to compare your approaches with existing approaches elsewhere. In general, citations should include not only your own papers or papers from your institution or country, but any relevant international publications. Where applicable, references should be made to advances reported in national and international archival journals including iNEER special volumes; and to papers published in proceedings of conferences, including ICEE conferences.

c.       Structure of Paper: Please pay attention to general layout; use and proper numbering of figures/diagrams; etc.

d.      Quality of Text: In the case of non-native speakers of English, checking of English by language expert is important. Check the clarity of your expression, and the consistency, readability; numbering of quotations and references, etc.

e.       General: Check the correctness of text, applicability of the items included, the overall professional quality of the paper, and the scope covered. When presenting new approaches, ideas or programs, be sure to discuss your implementation experience and results, including feedback, evaluation and assessment, with details on problems encountered and overcome.     
Authors of papers wishing to have their work considered for the 2005 iNEER Special Volume, a hard-cover archival book published by iNEER (as distinct from the iCEER-2004 proceedings published in CD format) should refer to the general guidelines and details posted at:

Please direct all inquiries concerning the iNEER Special Volumes by e-mail to Win Aung at:


If you have questions concerning iCEER-2004, please send e-mails to:


We apologize for giving you so much information all in one e-mail, but we feel that it is better that you will have all the information you need in one place. 




National Organizing Committee, iCEER-2004

Technical University of Ostrava

Tomas Cermak



iNEER Secretariat

Win Aung