ICEE '99 Conference,
Technical University of Ostrava,
August 10 - 12, 1999
Czech Technical University in Prague,
August 13 - 14, 1999

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The best award to organizers

150 year of TU Ostrava

Engineering education is by all rights becoming the center of interest of developed societies as one of the main sources of social progress. With an avalanche of conferences dealing with this problem it is the International Conference on Engineering Education ICEE - Progress Through Partnership that is, by all means, building its status. The groundstone for the reputation was laid at the Conference ICEE'97'in Chicago. The Conference ICEE'98 in Rio de Janeiro contributed to a high level of the discussed topic and to expanding its ideas to South America.

We feel greatly honoured that the first ICEE Conference in Europe was delegated to the Czech Republic. This year VSB - Technical University of Ostrava is celebrating 150th anniversary of its existence and this Conference is another chance of a breakthrough in the academic world. We welcomed the 382 active participants from thirty countries from all over the world. It was one of the many goals of the organizers of the Conference.

It was to our advantage that when organizing this conference we could follow the know - how, expertise and a good tradition of the previous two ones. We targeted the Conference into thirteen professional sessions and five panels in which about 251 contributions were presented. We did our best for fluent sequence of those workshops and of the closing seminar highlighting the future development and mutual co-operation which was held in Prague and which were organized in co-operation with the Czech Technical University in Prague.

I would like to thank all sponsors for their important support and all speakers for their challenging contributions. We hope that all participants and accompanying persons had pleasant and fruitful stay both in Ostrava and Prague. Last but not least, let us thank all members of both the Organizing and Programme Committees as well as all guarantors of the sessions for the preparation of the Conference.

Prof. Dr. Jaromir Polak
Programme Chair of ICEE'99
Prof. Dr. Tomas Cermak
Organizing Chair of ICEE´99
Prof. Dr. Vaclav Roubicek
General Chair of ICEE´99

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