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August 13-15, 1997

Chicago Marriott O'Hare

Chicago, Illinois


Welcome to ICEE '97 -- the International Conference on Engineering Education.

Since the mid-1980s, engineering schools in several industrialized and industrially emerging countries around the world have undertaken a comprehensive examination of their undergraduate and graduate education systems. New efforts have been implemented that seek to restructure the engineering education system. Among the many issues of concern are the application of information technology as a teaching aid, hands-on experience for undergraduate students, distance learning, and linkage with the information highway. Unlike past engineering education reform activities, the current activities have involved an increasingly wider range of engineering schools around the world working in partnership with each other, and with industry, government, and professional organizations. These efforts are put in place in recognition of the need for structural change in how and what engineering students should be taught.

The collaborative or partnership approach in reforming engineering education is central to many of the ongoing efforts. Examples include the engineering education coalitions that began in the United States in the early 1990s. With sixty academic institutions working in eight coalitions in the United States, the coalitions are beginning to attract the attention of educators from other nations. Similar programs are now being initiated in Brazil and Taiwan.

ICEE '97 will be a timely forum for the dissemination of information about engineering education. Recent progress around the world in the development of new engineering curriculum materials and fresh pedagogical approaches will be reviewed. The conference will provide opportunities to develop international collaboration in both joint curriculum development and testing and assessment of courseware materials. The Conference language will be English.

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