August 28, 2005


Dear Colleague:

If you were in Gliwice, Poland in July 2005 for ICEE-2005 held on the campus
of Silesian University of Technology, you will no doubt recall with fondness
the busy, exciting and rewarding 5 days spent in the company of educators
from 42 countries.  Whether you came as author, session chairperson,
keynote speaker, committee members, or simply as listener, we thank you for
being there to help make the conference a big success.

Hosted by Silesian University of Technology (SUT) as a part of its 60th
anniversary celebration, ICEE-2005 was organized under the leadership of
Rector Professor Dr. Wojciech Zielinski with the help of Prof. Jerzy
Moscinski, the National Organizing Committee, and a team of 20 red-shirted student aides.  We send a special "Thank you!" to all of them. 


We are especially grateful to Wojciech Zielinski for his
efforts in making available for the conference the magnificent,
just-completed facilities of the Education and Congress Center of the
University.  We also thank him for organizing the Janos Barsony workshop,
which added a special meaning and a personal touch to the conference.

There were close to 400 participants.  A total of 326 papers were presented, along with 6 invited plenary lectures.  Forty-four (44) parallel sessions were organized, facilitated by 64 session co-chairpersons.  The 5 countries with the largest number of participants were: Poland: 49; USA: 45; Taiwan: 34; Czech Republic: 21; and UK: 19.  Women educators were particularly active at ICEE-2005 in all aspects of its activities, a trend that we were delighted to see and hope will continue. 


One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of a letter of congratulations from Dr. Arden Bement, Director of the U.S. National Science Foundation, to Prof. Zielinski on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of SUT.  The letter, signed by Dr. Bement, was framed and presented on Dr. Bement’s behalf by me to Prof. W. Zielinski, Rector of SUT, during the opening ceremony on July 25.  (See photo at the end of this report.)  Another notable event was the presentation of the SUT Medal of Merit by Wojciech Zielinski to Win Aung, also during the opening ceremony on July 25. 


Other highlights include:

(a)     The presentation of plenary lectures by 6 invited speakers;

(b)     The publication of a special edition of the iNEER Special Volume for 2005, a
copy of which was distributed to every registered participant;

(c)     The publication, and distribution to all participants, of the complete conference proceedings in both CD and book formats;

(d)    The convening of the Joint iNEER Board/ISC meeting on July 24, an event co-chaired by Wojciech Zielinski and Tomas Cermak, Rector, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, who is also the chairman of the iNEER Board;

(e)     The conference banquet and folk dance performance by students of SUT at the medieval castle in Toszek on July 25 when, just in time, the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared in the sky above the castle;

(f)     The presentation of iNEER Awards to Wojciech Zielinski, Janos Barsony,
and Jerzy Moscinski at the conference banquet in Toszek on July 25;

(g)     The presentation of letters of felicitation on SUT's anniversary celebration by 9 representatives of foreign institutions, during the opening ceremony on July 25;

(h)     The convening of the organizing meeting of the newly formed iNEER
Leadership Council, chaired by Wojciech Zielinski, on Monday, July 25;

(i)      The organization of the Janos Barsony Workshop, comprised of a series of
4 technical sessions held on July 25 and 26, in honor of the 65th birthday of Prof. Janos Barsony, Dean Emeritus of the Mihaly Pollock Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pecs, Pecs, Hungary;

(j)      The Rector's Reception and folk music performance by students of SUT on the lawn of the Faculty of Chemistry on July 26;

(k)     The performance on July 27, 2005 featuring the timeless music of
Bach, Dvorak, Paderewski and Mendelssohn in the old and monumental St. Peter
and Paul's Cathedral;

(l)      The all-day technical tour and cultural event held on July 28 to Kraków,
with all its monumental buildings and places of attraction, including the
Wieliczka salt mine, a World Heritage site; and

(m)       The dinner and dance at Zalesie Grange.

The flawless organization of the conference; the high quality technical
program; the well-attended technical sessions; the delicious food, the
culture and the traditions; the new friends discovered; the beautiful land
and the equally beautiful people, who are at once sincere, unassuming,
generous and hospitable: iNEER conferences are memorable for many of the
same qualities and yet each will also be remembered for its uniqueness.
Like many of the iNEER conferences before it, ICEE-2005 is one that we will
not forget for a long time to come.

Photographic highlights and video clips for ICEE-2005 may be viewed at:

(A complete photo and video presentations are given in the first link: “Link to Silesian University of Technology ICEE-2005 Photo Gallery:”  Listed in the middle of the page are the photos contributed by a number of participants.  Further down, you will see a list of video clips grouped under three topics.  A visit to the group under “Zalesie” is highly recommended.)

Future conferences of the iNEER Network are currently scheduled as followed:


ICEE-2006 - San Juan (Puerto Rico): July 23-28

ICEE-2007 - Coimbra (Portugal): Sept. 3-8
iCEER-2007 - Melbourne (Australia): Dec. 3-7

ICEE-2008 - Pecs/Budapest (Hungary): Aug. 11-17
iCEER-2008 - Montreal (Canada): July 8-10


We hope you will join us for these exciting events.  Details will be sent to
you later.

With kind regards,

Tomas Cermak, Ph.D.
Rector, Technical University of Ostrava
Chair, iNEER Board

Win Aung, Ph.D., P.E., Dr.h.c.