transportation - $5000
CD rom $2000
AV rental ($2000)
Conference services (professional / students, etc.)
$450 including all conference meals, proceedings, transportation from and to airports,
free conf bag from donor.
Keynote speaker cost?
Travel to ICEE/ISC meetings 2x per year.
$10 per conference breakfast x 3 breakfasts $30 per participant
$25 per conference lunch x 3 lunches $75 per participant
$45 per conference dinner x 3 dinners $135 per participant
Transportation $8,000
Travel to give status reports $10,000
CD-ROM proceedings $3,000
Audio/Visual equipment rental $3,000
Conference services (professional and student assistance) $5,000
Conference bag $0 donated by corporate sponsor
Cost of honorarium and travel of Keynote speakers $8,000
iNEER and ICEE/ISC support (including web site) $33,000
$166,000 for 400 participants
Support from University of Florida and College of Engineering $6,000
Conference registration fee $400 per participant