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  Airport Shuttle Update
Kennedy Space Center Update
  iNeer Board & ISC Meeting - Sunday 1-2:45PM, Hilton - Room Live Oak
Engineer of the Americas Committee Meeting - Sunday, 5-6 PM, Hilton, Room Board Room
J. Wayne Reitz Union
  Co-Chairs: Dr. Anderson & Dr. Hoit
  ICEE04 Draft Schedule!
Future ICEE Locations!

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Participating Organizations:

  • LACCEI is a non-profit organization of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) institutions that offer academic programs in Engineering and Technology as well as institutions from other parts of the world that have demonstrated interest and activities with LAC institutions.
  • ISTEC is a non-profit organization comprised of educational, research, industrial, and multilateral organizations throughout the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula.
  • CoHemis - The Center for Hemispheric Cooperation in Research and Education in Engineering and Applied Science (CoHemis for short) is part of the University of Puerto Rico. The mission of the CoHemis center is to promote human resources development, technology assessment, and joint applied research projects and programs with potential benefits for more than one country in the Western Hemisphere.
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