DATE: October 17, 2002

TO: Members, iNEER Board; Members, ICEE-ISC; Members, iNEER Board of Editors for the 2003 Special Volume

Dear Colleague:


Together with Profs. Justo Nieto, C.H. Wei, Vaclav Roubicek, Concepcion Maroto Alvarez, Enrique Ballester and Luis Manuel Sanchez Ruiz, I would like to confirm and invite you to attend the planning meeting for ICEE-2003. The meeting will be held during November 11-12, 2002 in Valencia, Spain.

Prof. Justo Nieto, Rector of UPV will participate and meet with us on November 13, from 9AM -11AM. In the afternoon of November 13, the iNEER Board of Editors will meet.

Since we have met several times in August in Manchester and have had ample time to meet on matters un-related to ICEE-2003, and we are to meet again in a Retreat early in the new year, we will use the November meeting in Valencia to concentrate on ICEE-2003. Unrelated issues will be deferred to another time. Please come prepared with ideas on how to help make ICEE-2003 a huge success that Rector Nieto and, in fact all of us would like to see. Volunteers will be needed. 

For those of us who have not received it, I am forwarding information on tentative agenda, registration, and lodging. Please let me know if you are planning to attend by October 25, 2002 and complete the registration and hotel reservation by that date. I will compile the list of attendees from the Board and ICEE-ISC and forward it to our hosts at UPV.   

As you can see, we have a full agenda. It is important for me to hear from those members who are responsible to discuss the topics listed, in order to allow Luis and I to update the agenda. If I don't hear from you, I will assume that you will not be attending and the topic you are responsible for will be deleted from the agenda. Similarly, if you have other suggested agenda items, please let me have your suggestions by October 25. Luis and I will try to include them subject to time availability. 

In preparation for the meeting, by separate e-mail in the next few days, I will be inviting your input concerning technical sessions, using the Calls for Papers format that seemed to work well for ICEE-2002. You are invited to contribute whether or not you are going to the meeting in Valencia. The only pre-requisite for participation in program planning is a commitment to volunteer a few hours of your precious time and, most importantly, show up for ICEE-2003 since no-shows during sessions are very bad for everybody.

Please try to come. I hope to see many of you in November.



Win Aung

International Network for Engineering Education and Research

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