DATE:   April 28, 2003

TO:       iNEER Community


Dear Colleagues:


First, some of you have inquired as to who are qualified as a member of iNEER. The short answer is: You are! If you are on iNEERLIST and have been receiving correspondences from us, you are one of us as a member of the iNEER community (at no charge), and are entitled to participate fully in all of the initiatives of iNEER. So, once again, welcome.


Following is another one of our initiatives in which we welcome your active participation at, of course, no cost.


The iNEER Board through the iNEER Secretariat has a standing policy of helping to develop and facilitate the signing of general agreements for international cooperation between institutions that seek such help. The Secretariat’s role is as a facilitator to move the process along. These agreements, each called an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), are signed at specially arranged ceremony at one of the institutions, or at an iNEER-sponsored event, such as the upcoming ICEE-2003. One of the regular features of an ICEE is the signing of MOUs at the banquet (or other suitable occasion during the conference).


We wish to reiterate our commitment to develop a limited number of such initiatives, on a first come first served basis. The relevant MOU is normally signed by the head of your institution and the head(s) of other partner institution(s). The next opportunity for signing is at ICEE-2003, July 21-25, 2003, Valencia, Spain.


If your institution would like to formalize an existing cooperation or a new cooperation, please let us know by e-mail. Please discuss it first with the head of your institution. Your e-mail to us should contain the following information:




Name of Institution:


Institution website URL:

Name of the head of your institution:

E-mail address of the head of your institution:




Name of Institution:


Institution website URL:

Name of the head of institution:

E-mail address of the head of institution:


(C) Brief description of past and/or desired collaboration:


(D) Desired event where signing of MOU will take place (the iNEER Secretariat suggests ICEE-2003, Valencia, Spain, July 21-25, 2003):


(E) Send reply to iNEER Secretariat at: on or before May 4, 2002.


At ICEE-2002, the signing took place during the reception preceding the banquet. Please see scenes by clicking on the appropriate links from "Sampler Scenes" at:


The 4 MOUs that were signed during ICEE-2002 may be seen at the following link (please scroll down to the bottom of the page). The iNEER Secretariat will work with you in developing similar MOUs for signing.


Thank you.


iNEER Secretariat