International Conference on Engineering Education



Valencia, Spain, July 22-26, 2003





Higher Education, Local Needs, and Low-cost Design Projects in Developing Countries


This conference session addresses the wide gap between engineering education and local needs/job market in developing countries, and explores successful, low-cost, locally relevant projects as a means to narrow this gap.


Lacking the capital to study local needs or to set up and run laboratories in which students can obtain hands-on, practical, and marketable engineering skills, many institutes of higher learning in the developing world gravitate towards research in theoretical topics, which, even if well-taught and learned, are of little relevance to the local economy, the job market, and the future of the graduates. Aligning education with local needs is a necessary step for development.


It is the purpose of this conference session to explore ideas and projects that make this education more relevant. Papers are solicited on the relevant public policy issues as well as all types of unique engineering projects that teach engineering fundamentals but also have the following additional attributes: (a) low cost, (b) relevant to the local needs and economy, and (c) enhance marketable skills. Design projects that can be developed into businesses for engineering graduates are emphasized. Submissions describing successful projects in the developing countries, where capital and equipment are scare and the market underdeveloped, are especially welcome as are those with similar or relevant characteristics in the developed world.


Topics may concern multidisciplinary areas, projects with local communities and industries, inter-university collaborations, etc. Papers exploring methodologies to attract international partnerships are also encouraged. For more information on iNEER, one of the principal sponsors of the conference, visit;





January 15, 2003:                   Abstract due (submit through website indicated below, with e-mail to Session Chair. Be sure to begin the text of your abstract with the title of this session)

February 15, 2003:                 Notice of preliminary acceptance

April 15, 20003:                      Paper submission deadline

May 1, 2003:                            Early registration deadline (required for final acceptance of papers)

May 15, 2003:                          Deadline for authors’ registration to ensure publishing of submitted papers


Further information is available at the ICEE-2003 web site:


Session Co-chair:


Dr. Ali Khounsary

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne, IL 60439, USA

Phone: +01 630-252-3384, Fax: +01 630-252-9303