International Conference on Engineering Education

Valencia, Spain, July 22-26, 2003




Technology and Society: Engineering Education in the Age of Digital Technology and Globalisation


Papers are solicited broadly in the following two areas:

(1) Vision for institutions of higher education and their structural reform. Topics include but are not limited to the development, use and assessment of new principles for the post-modern, post-industrial education based on flexibility, networking, intelligence, and universal accessibility. Examples of such topics include denationalisation and internationalisation of university education; problem of lingua franca for future universities, especially their social, political, and economic backgrounds; challenges to traditional university; and quest for future university education identity.

(2) Engineering curriculum reform and innovation in preparing students for challenges in viewing technology in its broader context: not only in achieving its specific technical objectives but interacting with and affecting the society as a whole. Topics include but are not limited to course innovation, curriculum reform, interdisciplinary degree programs, strategic alliances among academia, industry and government, international collaboration and continuing education programs to address this issue. Papers on completed work and ongoing activities are welcome.

This conference emphasises development of international partnerships in education and research. Through special sessions and international workshops, it provides ample opportunity for discussing future cooperative projects. For more information on iNEER, one of the principal sponsors of the conference, visit:



January 15, 2003:    Abstract due (submit through website indicated below, with e-mail to Session Chair. Be sure to begin the text of your abstract with the title of this session)

February 15, 2003:    Notice of preliminary acceptance

April 15, 20003:              Paper submission deadline

May 1, 2003:                    Early registration deadline (required for final acceptance of papers)

May 15, 2003:                  Deadline for authors’ registration to ensure publishing of submitted papers


Further information is available at the ICEE-2003 web site:


Session Chair:

Borek Sousedik

Head, Technology Transfer&Liaison

Technical University of Ostrava

CZ-708 33 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 69 699 42 22

Fax +420 69 699 42 00