International Conference on Engineering Education

Valencia, Spain, July 22-26, 2003




Workshop: Coalition between Industry and Academia toward

Enhancing Engineering Education and Research


The primary objective of this workshop is to discuss the interaction between industry and universities toward advancing engineering education and research.  The workshop is designed to highlight the methodology, concepts, and subjects of industry-university interaction.  We solicit papers and presentations that address some or all of the above themes.  A follow-up open discussion will focus on future strategies to bring together industry and university in engineering education and research.  We wish to encourage participation of teams of industry-university partners and individual experts and proponents of industry-university partnership.


Following is a summary of the key motivations for this workshop:


·         The ability of a university as an economic engine is yet to be fully explored

·         The intellectual creativity of university faculty and students needs to be explored

·         The shift of R&D infrastructure from industry (especially small to medium enterprises) to university

·         The need to prepare future engineers with specific talents/capabilities that meet the challenge of industry.  What has been implemented toward this challenge?  What will be the implications to the curriculum reform, research enterprises, and corporate restructuring?

·         What is the role of the university to re-training of the industrial workforce?  Any examples?

·         What are the functionalities of business incubators, tech transfer offices, and research parks toward I/U partnership

·         What are the new meanings of endowment, internship, co-op, scholarships, fund raising?

·         What are the expectations for our students from the common perspectives of university, industry, and government?  How are these expectations translated into the policy, curriculum, and business practices?

·         How does one assess the functionality of the I/U partnership?


Further information is available at the ICEE-2003 web site:



January 15, 2003:    Abstract due (submit through website indicated below, with e-mail to Session Chair. Be sure to begin the text of your abstract with the title of this session)

February 15, 2003:    Notice of preliminary acceptance

April 15, 20003:              Paper submission deadline

May 1, 2003:                    Early registration deadline (required for final acceptance of papers)

May 15, 2003:                  Deadline for authors’ registration to ensure publishing of submitted papers


Chairs and Organizers:


Tim Anderson, University of Florida (USA);

Shan-Hwei Ou, National Cheng Kung University (Republic of China);

Yeong-Bin Yang, National Taiwan University (Republic of China);


Co-Chairs and Co-Organizers:

Max Yen, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (USA);

Wei-Chung Wang, National Tsing Hua University (Republic of China);