- interfacing the world
Call for Papers

The field of interest includes but is not restricted to:

Educational Research and Methods
  • continuous learning
  • distance learning
  • new educational tools including information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • the expanded role of university libraries
  • educational methods including cooperative learning, design etc.
  • engineering chemistry/mathematics/physics courses as engineering tools
  • language and engineering education and profession
The Many Faces of the Professor
  • the professor's role as the administrator of learning processes as well as research work
  • how to stimulate and reward international educational activities
  • university/research center problems with respect to loyalty, ethics, practical implementation/results and consequences even for learning processes etc.
  • problems of science/general public communication
Assessment, Evaluation
  • worldwide accreditation
  • credit transfer
  • learning process description and evaluation
  • focusing on the outcome
  • assessment of "standard" and "real competence" recruitment and retention
  • converting "learning process" achievements into ordinary academic credits
  • redesigning the curriculum; what are today's fundamentals of engineering education?
  • learning from our failures
Cooperative/Collaborative Programs