Information Technology Research (ITR): NSF Encourages Collaboration with International Researchers


Announcement Number: NSF 02-168


Proposal Due Date:

Large Projects - Preproposals due November 18, 2002

- Final Proposals due March 24, 2003

Medium Projects Proposals due February 12, 2003

Small Projects - Proposals due December 12, 2002


Award Size Classes:

Small Projects: Up to $500,000 total budget

Medium Projects: Total budgets not to exceed $4 million for up to 5 years

Large Projects: Total budgets over $4 million, not to exceed $3 million per year for up to 5 yars


Intent: The intent is to stimulate research on the fundamental challenges facing the continued expansion and utilization of IT across the sciences and engineering, creation of novel use and development of IT, the interaction of IT with society at large, and the use of IT to enhance security and reduce the vulnerabilities of our society to catastrophic events, whether natural or man-made.


Anticipated Funding Amount: $145 million in 2003.


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