Conference hosts and venue

ICEE 2002  The venue is UMIST and the adjacent Manchester Conference Centre, UMIST's first-class purpose-built facility.


Will be in UMIST residences, the first in the UK to be completely wired for Ethernet.  All accommodation is within 200 metres of the conference venue and features hotel standard en suite and standard single bedrooms fully equipped for disabled delegates. Telephones are available in all rooms.  Four star hotel accommodation can be arranged.

Weston Building, Conference Centre & Accommodation
For more details see the Manchester Conference Centre web site.

The UMIST campus is situated right at the heart of one of Britain's most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities.  Those of you who only know of Manchester from the city's sporting and music success will have a chance to see one of the most remarkable achievements in urban transformation in Britain.  Building on a proud history and fascinating architectural heritage, in recent years Manchester has recreated itself as a vibrant, stylish hi-tech city which has somehow still kept its friendly heart of traditional street markets and local pubs.

Higher and further education have played a vital role in this transformation.  Its four city-centre universities give Manchester one of the highest concentrations of students anywhere in Europe, greatly adding to the city's energy and spirit.  All four universities are also truly international in character, attracting students from all over the world, contributing to the city's already-rich cultural mix.  They reflect Manchester's unique blend of vision and technology-inspired innovation in their approaches to teaching and learning.

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